Our Corporate Governance: More than just adherence to regulations

It is a way of going about business and permeates through everything we do. We continuously strive to conduct business in a transparent way that is true to our roots as a family business. We thereby achieve legal and regulatory compliance as a result whilst also earning the trust and confidence of all our stakeholders.
Corporate goverance: safety helmet

Safeguarding our success

Our economic success is built on trust and transparency

Tenova is renowned for its professionalism and for the strict financial and operational control it exercises over its ventures. Our economic success depends on forming lasting relationships with our customers on the basis of trust, integrity and transparency. We therefore recognize and wholeheartedly fulfil any statutory regulations and official requirements. Here we provide the relevant official governance documents.

Quality, Safety & Environment

Tenova’s economic success as a market leader is only possible thanks to long-lasting, fruitful customer relationships – and those only come about when the customer is satisfied. We work hard to achieve customer satisfaction through the quality of our products and services. In doing so, we also prioritize the health and safety of our employees and do everything we can to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.