CEO Tenova: Andrea Lovato

CEO Levato Profile

In 2005 Andrea Lovato joined Tenova’s parent company, Techint Group, as Head of Business Development and Mergers & Acquisitions. He moved to Tenova in 2012, expanding his role to oversee Human Resources and Information and Communications Technology, and was appointed CEO in 2015. Lovato’s previous work experiences include management positions in the automotive industry and creation of a leading Marketing Services & Digital Solutions company.

Andrea Lovato, CEO of Tenova, in his own words:

What is your vision for Tenova with you at the helm?
My vision has excellence at its heart. I want Tenova to be the best in every niche that it competes in. That means striving for excellence in products, services & solutions.

In one sentence: how would you characterize the corporate culture at Tenova?
I would say the corporate culture here is focused on people: people who boast technical excellence, passion and great initiative-taking.