Job opportunities

Tenova is looking for people with an excellent curriculum, who are motivated, team oriented, flexible, dynamic, able to build up interfunctional relationships and ready to compete within a multicultural environment in continuous evolution, where understanding and respect for local cultures is a winning factor.


Tenova is constantly looking out for the best young students with an outstanding education track record, who are interested in starting their working experience in a challenging environment. We can offer thesis projects, summer-jobs, internships, research projects.

Entry Level

Tenova can offer interesting positions consistent with your qualifications. Having spent studying or working periods outside your own country, and the knowledge of one or more foreign languages are preferential requisites. Tenova will give you the chance to live an international and exciting work experience.


In Tenova we are a team oriented group of professionals. Joining us you'll have the chance to express your skills in a meritocratic and international environment.


Operating in 5 continents, 19 countries and involving more than 2,500 people, Tenova is a real springboard for an international career and a global work experience. Join us and you'll contribute to our success.


In a complex organization, where leadership skills are the key for facing market challenges and reaching concrete business results, you can find a real springboard to express your capabilities. Every success is overcome and shared. Join us and you'll be part of an innovative company.