Environmental and safety solutions

Dry Stack Tailings Management

Dry stack tailings systems are particularly suited to mining operations operating in areas where water conservation is critical – they also provide other significant environmental and safety benefits too.
mobile conveyor stacking bridge

Water is life. The world’s water is increasingly being degraded in quality and a new approach to the manner in which we plan, manage and use water is needed. The issue of sustainable water management is thus becoming increasingly important to global mining operations, especially in areas where water conservation is critical, and the employment of dry stack tailings management systems is a tangible approach to sustainable water management.

Dry stack facilities offer a number of advantages to other surface tailings storage options – some of these include:

  • Reduced water requirements, principally achieved by recycling process water and near elimination of water losses through seepage and/or evaporation
  • Groundwater contamination through seepage is virtually eliminated
  • Significant safety improvement with the risk of catastrophic dam failure and tailings runout being eliminated. Dry stack facilities are also suitable to areas of high seismic activity and areas where there is limited construction material to develop a conventional retention impoundment
  • Smaller tailings footprint and can be used in “aggressive environments” (e.g. undulating and steep terrain)
  • Significantly better regulator and public perceptions
  • Easier to close and rehabilitate

Our competence in dry stack tailings management systems

TAKRAF, together with the integrated DELKOR brand of products, boast’s significant competence in dry stack tailings systems:

  • Decades of experience in engineering and building of conveyor and stacker systems
  • Strong expertise in high yield stress underflow with DELKOR high compaction thickener products
  • Developed global network for local technical support and site services
  • Experienced tailings deposition planning team

Dry stack tailings equipment:

  • DELKOR thickeners
  • DELKOR F.A.S.T. filter presses 
  • Overland and shiftable conveyors
  • Mobile trippers
  • Mobile conveyor stacking bridges 
  • Single or double-boom spreader

TAKRAF offers a variety of solutions ranging from single pieces of equipment to integrated systems and complete turnkey projects.

Sedimentation thickeners


DELKOR takes its knowledge and experience of over 30 years providing thickeners for the mining industry and applies it to the extreme mechanical and process requirements needed when dealing with high yield stress underflows. The sedimentation method using high compaction thickeners produces one of the highest concentrations of solids in the industry. The thickening process increases water recovery reducing the requirement for fresh water and overall environmental impact.


The DELKOR proprietary Fluid Actuated Screw Technology (F.A.S.T.) filter press is designed to replace a traditional high pressure system with a fully automatic filter press without a hydraulic system. The system is designed for flexible operation and easy maintenance by employing a cushioned screw. Approximately 85% of the moisture can be removed during the filtration process enabling concurrent water recovery and a reduced requirement for fresh water. After the filtration process, the tailings can then be transported by conveyor.

Mobile conveyor stacking bridge systems and spreaders

TAKRAF’s mobile conveyor stacking bridge systems provide an efficient, reliable and easy to operate bulk material handling solution for transporting and storing filtered tailings. This method maximizes throughput to maintain plant uptime. By stacking compacted tailings, land requirements are reduced and the risk of catastrophic dam failures is eliminated. Conventional tailings storage methods incur costs post-mine closeout due to maintenance; however, dry stack tailings can be rehabilitated and blend with the natural environment.

TAKRAF’s depth and breadth of dry stack tailings equipment includes: overland conveyors, mobile overland trippers, mobile stacking conveyors, and mobile trippers/spreaders.