Tenova adVISOR

The solution that keeps reliability, availability and performance at design level by improving maintenance and operating procedures

Tenova adVISOR includes the remote assistance functionality to improve the efficiency of each operator on site, while integrating seamlessly with the Tenova digital portfolio of services and products.
Tenova adVISOR

Tenova adVISOR is a suite of applications developed to support the activities of field operators, allowing a number of remote activities such as remote assistance and supervision, troubleshooting, training, and process support. It can also be an effective tool for the implementation of training activities both on the premises and remotely. All of these activities have been successfully tested in different plants and operations around the world. These tests have contributed to the tremendous improvement of the system benefits, making Tenova adVISOR a proven and reliable system.

Tenova adVISOR has been developed using the latest mobile technology, combining augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It works on any mobile device, as well as off-line.

During startups, commissioning or maintenance shutdown activities, adVISOR allows operators to access a number of services or to get in contact with Tenova experts while performing their duties.

The focus of this solution is to improve plant performances, offering benefits in several areas:


  • Improve equipment availability and reduce Mean Time Between Failures.

  • Reduce operative delays due to more effective troubleshooting.


  • When applied to product quality process and procedures, it substantially contributes to reducing out-of-standard cases and rejected products.


  • Enable operators to perform different actions in a guided manner.

  • Aligned 3D manuals and dedicated checklist for maintenance, while ensuring operators remain on the edge of the best practices.


  • Personnel safety: Tenova adVISOR can show safety procedures as necessary preconditions before starting each work procedure. These procedures are customizable depending on local regulations and specific risks of the task.

The technology deployed by Tenova allows a field user to connect to Tenova (or Customer service) using a secure connection to the Tenova IIoT Platform, where data on the equipment is safely stored for the reference of Customer. Back-end support can be performed using a PC or any mobile device connected to internet. 

Tenova adVISOR + Tenova EDGE

Combining Tenova adVISOR and Tenova EDGE takes the Tenova adVISOR benefits to the next level. Through this “digital” combination, the operator has constant online access to the status of the plant and to its automation and viceversa: the automation of the plant can “talk” to the connected operator. In this way, Tenova adVISOR can be utilized as a real digital tool for production, providing a suggestion to the operator for the best procedures or solutions to adopt on the basis of the situation of the plant in real time.

While Tenova adVISOR provides the best performance in combination with Tenova designed plants and equipment, Tenova can customize it to serve the operators working on equipment designed or provided by other companies, making Tenova adVISOR a completely open platform.

The Tenova IIoT platform offers a variety of services and the Tenova adVISOR is designed to take full advantage of them. While using Tenova adVISOR, you can fully exploit the deep and unparalleled knowledge of Tenova office-based experts and supervisors. These services are the result of years of collaboration between Tenova and Microsoft.  By using Microsoft Azure, the safest and most certified platform available in the market, Tenova adVISOR guarantees the safest levels of connection and data exchange.

As of today, Tenova adVISOR is the best solution on the market with a unique level of expansion and customization capability.

Bring your plant and your operations to the future!

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