Tenova EDGE

The gateway to seizing the opportunities offered by the Industrial Internet of Things

Tenova EDGE is the user-friendly first step where metal makers can set-up a smart connected plant by selecting the equipment and assets that they want to be managed digitally.
Tenova EDGE

Tenova EDGE is a product developed by Tenova that allows you to acquire and sample selected data in a secure and robust way from connected data sources of various types – including PLC, CNC, Database – and transfer this data to the Tenova IIoT Cloud platform.

This device also allows the pre-processing of data in order to minimize the calculation-time required by the cloud platform, for example for Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Tenova EDGE is the right tool for hosting any application developed using machine learning algorithms or artificial intelligence techniques. Thanks to its integration with the Tenova IIoT platform, it is managed in a completely automatic and secure manner. These features allow customers to update installed applications and achieve high level performances.

Tenova EDGE is an industrial IoT Edge Gateway. Tenova has developed the entire system, meaning that Tenova can apply any personalization or customization needed for your equipment.

Here are some features and advantages:

  • The system has been developed in compliance with the most stringent market and standard levels. It is able to read data from every data source available from the plant automation and instrumentation in a secure way (according to the possibility given by each data source), using the most updated and secure protocols (e.g: OPC-UA) 

  • Authentication and authorization policies can be defined and customized in compliance with your IT department policies. You remain in full control of the cryptographic key and have the ability to check every single data source managed by Tenova EDGE. 

  • Digital twin of the Field Gateway for monitoring its status and improving communication and data capturing efficiency. 

  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to the improvement of reaction times and quality in case of malfunctions.

More technical details are available upon request.

Tenova EDGE - System

Tenova EDGE is the key to access a number of services already available on the Tenova IIoT platform (equipment digital twins, intelligent dashboards, etc.). Tenova can customize and develop additional IIoT services based on your specific needs and requirements.

These services are the result of years of collaboration between Tenova and Microsoft.  By using Microsoft Azure, the safest and most certified platform available in the market (view Microsoft Azure Compliance Offerings at this link), Tenova EDGE guarantees the safest levels of connection and data exchange.

Make the first step into digitalization!

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