A New Galvanizing Line at SSSC, Vietnam

Southern Steel Sheet Co. Ltd. has chosen Tenova for a new Galvanizing Line in its production site in Nhon Trach.

Tenova was recently awarded a new contract for Galvanizing Line N.3, for SSSC Southern Steel Sheet Co. Ltd. (SSSC) – a joint-venture of Vietnam Steel Corporation and foreign partners Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) and FIW Steel Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia).

This contract follows Tenova’s 2013 projects for the Galvanizing Line N.2 and Color Coating Line N.2 located at the same factory in Nhon Trach. With this new project, Tenova increases its market share in the region and confirms its successful and reliable partnership with SSSC Vietnam.

Using cold and hot rolled coils, the fully automated line will produce 150,000 t/y of high-quality galvanized coils.  The line will also be equipped with the latest generations of air knife, skin pass mill and tension leveler equipment from Tenova Italimpianti

SSSC Vietnam has been cooperating with Tenova since 2011, and this collaboration has led to successful projects. Our proactive attitude to provide continuous service to SSSC was paramount to their decision to assign us a new contract”, affirmed Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova Metals CEO, in occasion of the recent celebration of the eight-year of collaboration with SSSC in Vietnam.Since our first contract, SSSC reflected the need of Vietnamese industry for an increase in high-quality coated coils for the international and domestic market, and we are proud to co-operate with SSSC towards this goal”.

This line will be the third galvanizing line made by Tenova in Vietnam over the last few years, including a Cold Mill Complex project currently in progress at Pomina Flat Steel in the Phu My area, in South Vietnam.