Steel Dynamics Inc. chooses Tenova for EAF

Tenova to implement NextGen®, iEAF® and Water Detection Technology® to improve SDI EAF furnace process

Steel Dynamics Inc., at Pittsboro (Indiana, USA), is the second SDI plant to place an order for Tenova’s proprietary off-gas process control and water detection technologies. With this order, SDI Pittsboro will install Tenova’s hybrid extractive/laser NextGen® off-gas analysis system, iEAF® dynamic process control system and Water Detection Technology® (WDT®) as a fully integrated solution on the plant’s 100 ton AC EAF.

When fully implemented, Tenova’s combined technologies will bring a number of cost saving, operational, productivity, safety and environmental benefits including reduced electrical & chemical energy consumption, reduced electrode consumption, water leak detection, increased productivity and yield and reduced GHG emissions.

The SDI Pittsboro installation represents the third order of this complete, fully integrated NextGen®, iEAF® and WDT® solution in the United States  and will provide SDI Pittsboro with the world’s most comprehensive technology package of off-gas based EAF process control technology.

Tenova’s technological package combines the best in EAF process automation, thermodynamic models, process hardware, innovative temperature/velocity sensor technology, and water detection to offer the steel industry the best in-class EAF furnace control available.