Tenova Celebrates the Safety Day 2020

This year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work is dedicated to addressing the outbreak of infectious diseases at work, in particular, to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Never like this year, the issue of health and safety at work has been more topical in our company. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic urged Tenova on adopting highly strict preventive measures, in close synergy with all company’s offices and premises, especially in those areas most affected by this medical emergency. Remote working, virtual meetings, strict travel policies, access controls, workplace disinfection, temperature measures and many other actions have been taken in order to mitigate the spread of the virus and safeguard employees’ wellbeing and lives.

Nevertheless, no one can be really safe if their own behaviors and those of the people around them are not adequate to avoid the risk of contagion. Personal awareness is the most powerful defensive weapon to face this enormous challenge.

It is not new to us that our people’s safety depends, first and foremost, on individual behaviors: Safety First is not only a motto, is the mindset that steers our daily work. In the current situation, the promotion of a health and safety culture is our priority to cope with the COVID-19 emergency”, affirmed Matteo Colombo, Tenova QHSE Manager.

In these intense months, we have been asked to adjust to a ‘new normality’, which entails not only a new way of working, but a new way of living. Despite the difficulties, we are working to guarantee business continuity. I really want to thank all the Tenova people for their resilience and perseverance”, said Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova CEO.