1. Acid Regeneration Plants
  2. Acid Regeneration Plants

Acid Regeneration Plants

Tenova owns the Acid Regeneration know-how and due to its rich experience is able to offer the up-to-date solutions for hydrochloric acid regeneration by means of spray roaster and fluidized bed giving the customers an opportunity to choose the most suitable solution.

Tenova can add Acid Regeneration Process to its proven technologies in continuous or push-pull pickling lines and to provide all customers with optimized, tailored and modern Pickling Lines and Acid Regeneration Plants, with the aim to reduce environmental impact and increase the efficiency of the complete pickling process. Tenova is increasing its role as a pole of excellence in technologies and solutions connected with the chemical step of pickling.

Tenova Acid Regeneration Plants feature the following general characteristics:

• Life-cycle cost (LCC) consideration based on ISO 15686-5

• Latest art-of-technology

• Suitability for upgrades and revamping

• Highly attractive Return of Investment

• International References

• Personalized After Sales Service

Hydrochloric Acid Regeneration process is the total recovery of metal-free chloride solutions based on the pyrohydrolysis principle. Pyrohydrolysis is the chemical conversion of metal salts using steam and oxygen at high temperatures. Operators not only recover hydrochloric acid in its free and bonded state, but also obtain high quality iron oxide, either as granules or fine powder.

Fluidized Bed

The Fluidized Bed ARP technology permits to sinter oxide at a higher temperature forming granules from 0.2μm to 2 mm in size and a specific surface inferior to 1m²/g. The sintered iron oxide granules are free of dust and contain no chlorides. They are easy to store and can either be recycled for steel production (e.g. in the electric arc furnace) or sold as a by-product for which there is a high demand for such applications as production of ferrites, pigments, refractories and ceramics. The iron oxide so obtained is very pure and achieves the best prices on the market.

Spray Roaster System

Using the Spray Roaster ARP technology, at lower temperature oxide is obtained as powder with grain size of approximately 30 µm and a specific surface of 3-5 m²/g. Many years of experience provide Tenova with specialized know-how in spray roast technologies which enable to provide optimized, tailored, and continuously updated solutions for each customer.

Waste Water Treatment

Industrial water technologies need to meet increasingly stringent requirements at lower operating costs. The enormous industrial consumption of water calls for flexible and autonomous systems that guarantee constant quality at maximum availability and that dispose of the resultant waste water reliably and at low cost. Tenova Key Technologies offers high-tech solutions for waste water disposal by combining chemical and physical processes: Waste water is treated in customized plants consisting of several processing steps with low operating costs. The choice of method and sequence will depend on the consumption of the waste water and required degree of purity.

Tenova Key Technologies processes:

  • Neutralization
  • Chemical treatment
  • Precipitation and specific flocculation processes
  • Sedimentation
  • Mechanical sludge draining
  • Preliminary mechanical separation
  • Fine separation by membrane
  • Sand filter
  • Precoat filter
  • Ultrafiltration.

The systems are designed for continuous or batch operation depending on the volume and concentration rate of waste water. In many cases once the water is purified it can be recovered.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Unique Automation algorithm for higher stability in operation and for reduction of energy consumption
  • Efficiency


    • Waste Technology: Acid Recovery efficiency increase due to no-rinse water waste treatment in combination with our Pickling Line

    • BLUE© Pyrolysis: Optimized Operation by reducing maintenance time and simultaniously increase of Oxide Quality
    • BLUE© Liquid Treatment:Maintenance free Liquid Treatment System combined with highest efficiency leads to the latest art-of-technology
  • Service


    • Long term personalized After Sales Service and Support
    • Upgrade availability for future extensions
  • Reference


    • 44 installations in 26 countries
  • Environment


    • BLUEdriven© Emission Control:Reduction of operation costs by simultaneously optimizing the emissions
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Improved operability and maintenance
    • Minimization of the required overall space
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