1. Aluminum Handling


Modern Roll Shop organization requires frequent handling operations of heavy and bulky components (rolls, chocks), which must be ensured in full safety, but also to be fast and accurate enough to comply with high productivity and modern standards, often by an increasing use of automated processes.

Automatic Loader

The automatic roll loading system is an integrated facility with the purpose to carry out the handling of work and intermediate rolls within a closed area in a fully automatic way. The system can perform the following tasks: Loading/unloading of the Roll Grinders, unmatching/matching of roll pairs, handling of rolls from and to the storage racks. Upon request, it may be integrated with the Pomini RSMS (Roll Shop Management System.

Automatic Cell

The Automatic Cell is an integrated system typically composed by one or more roll grinders and by an automatic loading device having its foundations in the robotics. Shorter grinding cycle times, faster handling times and high precision capabilities are required to guarantee the prompt availability of rolls to the cluster mills. The fully enclosed automatic area typically has a dedicated loading and unloading area where the specifically designed racks, cassettes or pallets containing the rolls to be gruond are placed. Depending on the dimenison of the buffer area the automatic cell can work autonomously for many hours without the need of intervention of an operator.

Transfer Car

The transfer car carries the rolls between two different areas for maintenance intervention, where the translation by means of the main crane is not possible. This task is operated with a translation along a railway in both directions.

Automatic Tong

The Automatic Tong is the end-effector of the Automatic Loader and its purpose is to clamp the rolls with and without chocks, tilt the chocks mounted on the rolls and transport them in a reliable and safe way within the automatic area. The tilting of the chocks on the Automatic Tong is a time saving since it is completely executed during the transportation of the roll, and also space saving since both the ground floor chock tilters and the chock tilting accessories on the Roll Grinders are not necessary.

Semi-automatic Tong

The Semi-Automatic Ton is a lifting device connected with the hook of the overhead crane, allowing transportation of pairs of work rolls with chocks by clamping them in pairs by remote control acting on a semi-automatic mechanism, thus speeding and making easier the operation.

Lifting Beam

The Lifting Beams are lifting devices whose function is to allow the handling and transportation of different kind of rolls through the connection with the hook of the overhead crane. According to the different possible configurations, the lifting beams may allow transportation of back-up rolls, work rolls and other kind of rolls (edger, leveller, etc.) with and without chocks.

  • Safety


    • Maximized safety thanks to safe and ergonomic design, risk analysis end extensive use of automation. Pomini supplies fully automated areas.
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • From Cluster Mill rolls to Heavy Plate Mill rolls - custom solutions for any kind of application.
  • Efficiency


    • Efficient handling and management of components thanks totailor made solutions based on operators' needs.
  • Service


    Equipment designed for heavy duty environment: highest reliabilty with easy maintenance.

  • Reference


    • Numerous references worldwide for fully automatic roll shops and handling equipment.
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Automatic operations and simplified handling processes mean a virtual elimination of waste of time.
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