1. Aluminum Maintenance


The increased demand for turnkey projects drove Pomini Tenova to extend since the 90s its portfolio of products with the addition of a wide range of auxiliary machines as presented below.


The dechocker performs the extraction and the insertion of chocks on a roll to enable maintenance interventions. The machine can be provided as dedicated machine for a specific roll type, e.g. work rolls, backup rolls or others. Alternatively specific solutions such as combination dechockers can be designed and manufactured to handle the complete roll sets in use in a particular plant. Tailor made solutions are always possible.

Chock Tilter

This machine enables a comfortable rotation by 90° of the roll chock which, once removed from the roll, has to be indexed with the bearing axis in the vertical direction. In this way, the bearing can be extracted from the chock for performing the required maintenance.

Roll Cooling System

The roll cooling system is designed to decrease the temperature of the table of work rolls coming from the mil. The rolls are loaded onto the stands in pairs as they are extracted from the mil and properly sized nozzles guarantee the required flow of coolant water on the roll barrel to reach the desired temperature.


Racks, pads, craddles for any type of roll in the roll shop complete the supply of the roll shop. Such storing supports can be of different design depending on the roll size and the quantity of rolls to be stored. Racks can stack rolls without chocks in more than one vertical height. Pads can support both work roll pairs with chocks mounted on or single backup rolls with chocks. For Sendzimir or Z mills Pomini Tenova also designs and supplies roll cassettes to store work rolls and intermediate rolls.


Several equipment can be provided as cleaning solution within the roll shop: cleaning and preserving tanks, the washing machine and the cleaning cabin are an example. The cleaning cabin is a general purpose facility for cleaning roll assemblies and chocks. The removed grease and oil, mixed with water, is collected in a pit designed to allow a separation of the grease and heavy particles from the water in the most environmentally friendly way. The cleaning and preserving tank is a system of two tanks for cleaning the Morgoil bearings and perform anti-rust surface treatment. Finally the washing machine, available in different sizes, enables a quick and efficient way to clean chocks and bearings in a closed circuit system.

Turning Lathe

To complete the set of machines for maintenance operations also turning lathes can be supplied upon request.

  • Environment


    • Environmental friendly design, fully compliant with applicable law directives.
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Complete portfolio of roll shop auxiliaries, with state of the art design and solutions.
  • Efficiency


    • Easy operation, also thanks to extensive use of remote controls.
  • Service


    • Round the clock service availability, worldwide.
  • Reference


    • Numerous references worldwide for any kind of roll shop auxiliary.
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Tailor made solutions for highest efficiency and productivity.
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