1. Aluminum Pomini Digital Texturing

Pomini Digital Texturing

In the field of cold Rolling, roll texturing is of utmost importance to achieve the correct surface quality on the metal sheet, to grant the highest performance in terms of paintability and formability.

With its new PDT™ Technology, Pomini Tenova is able to offer a product which represents a breakthrough in the field of texturing. Thanks to the digital control and the high frequency laser technology, the PDT™ is able to provide a deterministic control on a stochastic process: the user is now able freely to select in an independent way the preferred surface parameters. Moreover, the extensive use of the latest available machine tool components makes the PDT™ highly precise and efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, reliable and easy to maintain, thus granting a very low lifetime cost.

  • Environment


    • Complete elimination of toxic substances and in general any problems of waste generation and their disposal
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • The PDT™ technology goes beyond today texturing practices proposing both superior quality of standard surfaces and also opening new paths for our Customers, otherwise unobtainable
  • Efficiency


    • Dramatically reduces power consumption thanks touse of innovative state of the art technologies
  • Service


    • Maintenance simplified to the maximum thanks tothe digital process and the reduced complexity of the machine
  • Reference


    • Beyond Customer expectations thanks tounique performances both in the Steel and Alluminium industries
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Less operating costs result in a reduced total cost of ownership
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