1. AOD


Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) is used during the refining process to produce steel with low carbon properties and low silicon levels, while creating a metal more weldable and more corrosion and heat resistant. It brings the tightest chemistry control to deliver the highest levels of metal purity.

The process injects oxygen and inert gas (argon or nitrogen) through submerged tuyeres and additional oxygen is blown through a top lance. The AOD process is suitable for production of stainless steel and other high-grade alloys because dilution with argon/nitrogen minimizes unwanted chromium oxidation.

  • Efficiency


    • Efficient operation even with high initial carbon levels
    • Use of less expensive high-carbon alloys
    • Low chromium oxidation losses
    • High rate of chromium recovery with proper additions
    • Chemical heating of liquid steel
    • Low final dissolved gas content


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Secondary Metallurgy

The increasing demand for high-quality steel makes the secondary metallurgy to an essential step in metallurgy process. The handling of alloys, degassing and desulfurization technologies as well as high-efficient decarburization solutions are representing an indispensable part of the production of high-quality steel.