1. Bag Houses

Bag Houses

Tenova's Bag Houses are an optimal solution for Air Environmental Control. They can handle flow rates from 0.5 to 100 m3/s and enable economical collection of dust at high filter rates with collection efficiencies < 99.99 %.

Reverse Pulse Bag Filters have high collection efficiencies, maintained under variable operating conditions by the reverse pulse action, and can operate 24 h/day under arduous conditions.

Reverse-pulse bag filter systems are used to clean easy dust from gas streams with modest to low dust loads at relatively low gas temperatures. The gas stream is filtered to remove the dust particles and a pulse of compressed air cleans the filters. The dust particles drop into a hopper situated below the filters for removal.

The Reverse Pulse Bag Filter is fully-automated and self cleaning, with no internal moving parts. The system ensures that all dust stays in the system, thus optimising recovery and ensuring that the operation is non-polluting to the environment.

The bag filter units are equipped with filter bags to suit the application and epoxy coated bag retainers.

Filter bag inspection is easy and replacement of the bags is done from the clean-air side, minimising any risk to the maintenance staff.


Reverse flow baghouses are used to clean dust from gas streams with high dust loads at high temperatures. The reverse flow removes dust particles from the filters, which drop into a hopper situated below the filters for removal.

  • Efficiency


    • High collection efficiencies
    • Operate 24 h/day under arduous conditions
    • All dust stays in the system
    • High efficiency meintained under variable operating conditions
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Guaranteed emission levels of less than 10mg/Nm³


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Tenova in-house range for air pollution control is comprehensive, enabling the selection of the most cost-effective solution to any dust-control, air-cleaning or product recovery problem, large or small. Systems are designed, manufactured and supplied as turnkey installation with full after-sales service.