1. Belt Conveyors employed in mining applications

Belt Conveyors employed in mining applications

Belt conveyor systems continuously transport all forms of material, including excavated and crushed rock in an efficient manner over long distances, passing through curves and rough relief areas.

Belt conveyor systems requiring anything up to 20,000 t/h capacity are anything but a rarity in mining. TAKRAF's know-how and significant experience in this area is a critical success factors to projects of such scaled and magnitude.

According to the mine's actual development, conveyors are also often required to be relocated or shifted and may include special features for extension requirements including belt storage at the tail end and a crawler-mounted drive station at the head end. Belt storage devices reduce the number of belt cut & splice procedures during conveyor extension operations.

Other typical applications for open-pit conveyors are mobile transfer points like tripper cars, hopper cars and shuttle heads for material feed to several downstream conveyors. Our diverse product range includes tripper cars on rails or on crawlers as a mobile link between dump conveyor and spreader; as well as hopper cars on rails or on crawlers between excavator and bench conveyor. Bench conveyors for mining and dumping are designed as shiftable conveyors, where the conveyor modules are equipped with steel sleepers and rails to allow for an easy shifting procedure.

Our product range also covers shifting head fabrication and testing in our own workshop.

Further to countless belt conveyors installed globally, TAKRAF, in 2000, built a conveyor system with the world`s longest 16.8 km single flight conveyor; of which16 km was inside an inclined tunnel. Other significant achievements in the development of conveyor systems are the installed downhill overland conveyors at El Abra and the in-pit and ex-pit conveyors of the Escondida mine in Chile.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Depending on mine development plans, conveyors often need to be relocated or shifted; as a result, we are able to provide numerous features for conveyor extensions
  • Efficiency


    • We're able to provide a wide-range of capacities, even up to 20,000 t/h

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  • Customer
    Project name
    Waste Rock Conveyor System
    Goldcorp Co.
    Penasquito mine

    Special conveyor system with spreader

    TAKRAF supplied a complete waste rock conveyor system including a spreader for waste dump. Special features of the conveyor system are an extendable conveyor CV-75 with belt storage and crawler-mounted head drive station and the shiftable dump conveyor CV-76 with crawler-mounted tripper car.

    Project figures: Overland conveyor CV-72 (stationary)

    1,865 m
    35.0 m
    1,829 mm
    4 x 1,000 kW
    6,742 m³/h -12,000 t/h

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