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All the major producers of rolled aluminium products are currently massively increasing their capacities for automobile sheet. The essential driving force of this development is the increasing needs for lightweight construction solutions for automobiles.

The combined know-how experience of Tenova Strip Processing enables the customers to meet the highest levels of quality and performances reducing the installation activities and optimizing the learning curve.

With 9 lines supplied in the last few years complete with mechanical and process parts and automation system Tenova is in the position to say that it guarantees reliability and availability level meeting strict automotive market standards. Every new project under execution has the heritage of the previous one and this gives indeed real benefits for the final quality of the end product.

Thanks to its rich experience Tenova is also capable to offer innovative solutions for colour coating, tension levelling and finishing lines for aluminium.

Structural parts for car bodies are heat treated on the Continuous Heat Treatment Line CHL. The processing includes:

  • Solution Annealing
  • Quenching with air
  • Age Hardening

Those processes are executed as fully automatic operations. In present production lines for body components all systems must be fully integrated into the material flow of the whole production in order to avoid unnecessary handling operations and mixing of parts of different treatment conditions. This can be realized with the CHL by seamless integration.

The continuous furnaces are available with different handling systems, specially designed for the parts concerned.

The parts are placed on trays or into baskets. Trays and baskets are adapted to the specific requirements of the intended spectrum of parts. Trays and baskets are handled within the line only or can also be used for inhouse transportation.

The furnaces of the heat treatment line can be arranged in parallel on the same level or in double layer arrangement. Movement of the goods between the layers is effected by integrated elevators.

Each furnace consists of several sections with individual control and heating. Heating of the furnaces is done by natural gas or by electrical heaters.

The Air Quench System AQS offers a wide range of cooling rates and an even cooling over the whole volume of the goods in order to support a distortion low processing. Fresh air can be temperature controlled for even quenching conditions during all seasons.

The heat treatment can be recorded for each individual part. Temperature, time and actions are recorded for each part, which is required for safety parts.

Special benefits:

  • Low energy consumption
  • High quenching rates
  • Low distortion of heat treated parts
  • Special carrier for the individual parts
  • High reproducibility
  • High throughput
  • Fully automatic operation for less staff assignment
  • Transport of carriers with different geometry
  • Easy connecting to existing logistics
  • Gas firing or electric heating system
  • Individual recording of the processing for each part
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Lower operational costs than with two separate lines
    • Lower investment costs (smaller waste treatment plants, etc.)
  • Efficiency


    • Extensive experience gained by installation of 10 similar lines allows us to ensure short commissioning time
    • Robust & Reliable equipment
  • Service


    • Technological know-how transfer and operational training
  • Reference


    • ·        10 installations in 7 countries
  • Environment


    • Compliance with the most restrictive environmental and safety regulations worldwide
    • Low effluent treatment impact; no chemicals required and no treatment of exhaust fumes
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Heat treatment technologies and equipment for aluminium strip.