1. Casting Holding Furnace

Casting Holding Furnace

Casting furnaces CF are used for alloying and holding the melt at temperature prior to the casting process. These hydraulically tiltable furnaces allow a precise dosage of the liquid metal and its transfer from the furnace to the casting equipment on the same level.

In addition to holding the melt at temperature, they also allow a direct melt treatment in the furnace: the melt can be treated with impellers or porous plugs to improve the metal purity.

Today's casting equipment has very high demands on the uniform supply of liquid metal. Using a finely tuned furnace hydraulic system and optical measuring devices at the inlet of the casting machine, we ensure that the desired metal level in the launder is precisely maintained and that the metal smoothly flows to the casting machine under a closed oxide skin.

The fully cardan suspension of the furnace make sure the cylinders being free from bending forces that could damage their gaskets. The very rigid steel structure of the furnace casing contributes to the long service life of the furnace refractory lining.

An appropriately designed furnace bottom guarantees the complete emptying of the bath.

The furnaces are equipped with a large cleaning door. Moreover, smooth inner walls are beneficial for easy cleaning.

Natural Gas Heating
Our casting furnaces use either natural gas burners with automatic electrical ignition and flame monitoring or electrical heating elements. Burners with large flame volumes guarantee for best, homogenous heat transfer. The heating system regulates itself as depending on the bath temperature.

The burner arrangement ensures the uniform heating of the furnace interior and the melting bath.

The individual control of each burner does not only ensure optimal combustion conditions, but additionally reduces energy consumption and emissions.

Electrical Heating
The electrical heating comprises heating elements installed on the furnace ceiling refractory. Their even distribution across the entire ceiling surface ensures the uniform heating of the bath. The absence of combustion products improves the furnace atmosphere.

Environmental Protection & Resources
The substantial heat recovery system installed on our furnaces results in low energy consumption and in lower emissions of CO2 and pollutants. The electrical heating allows using regenerative electrical energy for the production of liquid aluminium.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Uniform metal temperature
  • Low energy requirement
  • Minimized emissions
  • Low maintenance efforts
  • Long service life
  • Efficiency


    • Flat walls and wide door openings allow quick and easy cleaning of the bath area
    • Shape of the furnace bottom allows complete emptying of the furnace
    • Metal treatment possible by additional equipment like porous plugs or gas injectors
  • Safety


    • Tilting allows safe and easy control of liquid metal transfer to casting equipment and safe conditions for operators
    • Automatic burner and process control improve safety
    • Hoods above doors reduce pollution of the building area during cleaning operations
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Melting and Casting

Melting furnaces for aluminium block metal and casting/holding furnaces.