1. Casting Holding Furnace

Casting Holding Furnace

Aluminium casting/holding furnaces serve for controlled supply of liquid metal to casting equipment. Typically the furnaces are tiltable. They can be equipped with ambient air or regenerative burner systems.

Casting/holding furnaces are used for alloying, homogenizing and supplying liquid metal to a casting equipment.

Casting furnaces are equipped with natural gas burners with automatic electric ignition systems incl. automatic flame monitoring systems or with electrical heaters. For optimum radiant and convective heat transfer, burners with large flame volumes are used. Burners are controlled depending on bath temperature.

Mathematical models of heat distribution ensure ideal heating configuration for each furnace.

For tilting the furnaces are equipped with hydraulic tilting systems, which allow controlled transfer of liquid metal. The tilting process is controlled automatically acc. to the casting process requirements.

Wide door openings and flat walls allow easy charging, cleaning and inspection.

The furnaces can be equipped with porous plugs, rotary gas or salt injectors.

Specific benefits:

  • plant design tailored to clients requirements
  • easy to use
  • low energy consumption
  • convenient control
  • long service life
  • large bath volume
  • low maintenance requirements
  • Efficiency


    • Flat walls and wide door openings allow quick and easy cleaning of the bath area
    • Shape of the furnace bottom allows complete emptying of the furnace
    • Metal treatment possible by additional equipment like porous plugs or gas injectors
  • Safety


    • Tilting allows safe and easy control of liquid metal transfer to casting equipment and safe conditions for operators
    • Automatic burner and process control improve safety
    • Hoods above doors reduce pollution of the building area during cleaning operations
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Melting and Casting

Melting furnaces for aluminium block metal and casting/holding furnaces.