1. Cold Rolling Controls and Measuring System

Controls and Measuring System

Increasing industrial requirements of restoring the proper surface quality of rolls have increasing requirements in terms of in-cycle control of the roll geometrical characteristics and of presence of superficial defects to be eliminated and under-roll-surface defects to be timely discovered.

  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • In-house designed and manufactured inspection tools developed for Roll Shop applications, thanks tobenefits of several decades of worldwide on-field experience and customers relationship.
  • Efficiency


    • Productivity is boosted by minimizing roll-grinding cycle time thanks tothe use of both in-cycle caliper and inspection functions.
  • Reference


    • More than 600 Inspektor systems have been sold world wide since 1991
    • The most referenced roll inspection system in the world, both for the roll surface and inside the roll body.
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Saving of roll material through optimizatin of stock removal from the roll surface thanks tothe combination of in-cycle caliper measuring caliper together with Inspektor roll scanning
    • Inspektor is a true modular system which at any time can be enhanced with additional functionalities.