1. Cold Rolling Revamping

Revamping - Pomini and other OEM Grinders

Existing Roll Grinders can be upgraded to perform exactly the same tasks as the most modern machines, with beneficial improvements on productivity, precision and availability. Revamping interventions can be focussed both on mechanical and/or electrical parts. New or special accessories (e.g. Inspection Devices) may of course be added upon request.

Pomini Grinders

Pomini Tenova is of course able to perform any kind of revamping intervention on Pomini Machines, to fit any Customer requirement. Moreover, having taken over the activities of this company, Pomini Tenova is also fully qualified for interventions on Giustina Roll Grinders.

Other OEM Grinders

Relying on decades of experience in design and manufacturing of Roll Grinders, Pomini Tenova is also able to provide revamping services for Roll Grinders of other OEMs. The outstanding quality of these interventions is witnessed by many repeated orders from customers worldwide.

  • Environment


    • Modernization of existing machines allows to fulfil the highest safety and environment standards and regulations.
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Any roll grinder modernized according to Customer requirements in order to extend the machine life.
  • Efficiency


    • Revamping includes special technologies developed by Pomini in the field of roll grinding machines for boosting productivity: among them - independent caliper, Inspektor system.
  • Reference


    • More than 80 revampings succesfully completed worldwide on different brands.
    • Revamping results are always outstanding, both on Pomini Roll Grinders and on other grinders' OEM.
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • State-of-the-art performances with a reasonable investment.
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