1. Color Coating Lines for Carbon Steel

Color Coating Lines for Carbon Steel

Answering to the huge demand for coloured products in the markets of architectural, furniture, laminated, co-laminated, food, appliances, and white goods; Tenova provides Colour Coating and Laminating Lines for thin and heavy gauge strip, narrow and wide strip, aluminium strip, carbon steel, silicon steel and even stainless steel strip. Integrating mechanical and process know-how, Tenova offers high quality technology and environmentally friendly process for treating baths and solvent cleaning with heat recovery.

The processes are:

- Conventional chemical conversion by dip or spray tanks

- Advanced “dry-in-place” process by Chemical Coaters

- Specifically designed Paint Coaters

- Special Catenary or Flotation curing ovens.


Over the years Tenova has realized a great number of chemical coaters and passivation/pre-treatment sections, and our production range covers every possible pass-line configuration that can be found in new as well as in existing lines for revamping. Coaters can be fully automatic and moved off line for maintenance purposes. Most featured lines are equipped with two coaters in order to have a possibility to run while maintenance is made on the off-line coater so as to increase productivity.


The automotive end users are requesting coating values in specific ranges and these are the basis for the certification of the lines for automotive purposes that Tenova is able to provide for today and tomorrow automotive market demands.

Environmentally friendly processes for treating baths and solvent cleaning with heat recovery Speed up to 200 m/min.

Wide range of income material:

  • thin and heavy gauge, narrow and wide strip.

Conventional chemical conversion process and advanced "dry-in-place" process with roll coaters. Specifically designed Paint Coaters equipped for automatic layer control:

  • 2-roll and 3-roll type
  • horizontal and vertical type
  • S- and T-type

Chemical Coaters are the most modern concept of coaters with heavy-duty, vibration free mechanical design and interchangeable heads. They represent a key point to add value to the product thanks to:

  • Plant simplification
  • Process streamlining
  • Environmental impact reduction
  • Flexibility
  • Quality of final product (international standard)
  • Investment and management cost reduction.
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Investment and management cost reduction
    • Quality of final product in conformity with the international standards
  • Efficiency


    • Plant simplification
    • Process streamlining
    • Flexibility
  • Safety


    • Improved safety conditions in Entry section
  • Service


    • Technological know-how transfer and operational training
  • Reference


    • 14 installations in 6 countries
  • Environment


    • Environmental impact reduction
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Most modern concept of coaters (heavy duty, vibration-free mechanical design, interchangeable heads)
    • Coaters can be fully automatic and moved off line for maintenance purposes
    • Special Catenary or Flotation curing ovens
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