1. Combustion Systems for Heat Treatment Furnaces

Combustion Systems for Heat Treatment Furnaces

Burners are the key components of heat treatment furnaces. Tenova Italimpianti, leader in technologies for industrial furnaces, has developed in-house expertise in the production of state-of-the-art burners since 1960s, combining the company’s engineering know-how and advanced knowledge of the combustion field.

Over the decades, Tenova Italimpianti has heavily invested in Research & Development & Innovation to improve its combustion process with several objectives, focusing in recent years on the minimization of NOx emissions, the reduction of fuel consumption, and the digitalization and optimization of hydrogen combustion. On top of this, our distinctive approach to R&D leverages our long experience in CFD (computational fluid dynamic) and experimental testing in laboratory facilities.

This makes our burners the best-in-class combustion technology for reheating furnaces, a fact confirmed by our proven track record of installations all over the globe.

Burners for heat treatment furnaces can be classified in different families and groups. THS burners are able to work with preheated combustion air, generating high-speed flame. During the years, different burners for free flame application have been developed with the goal to offer the best possible solution to customers. The evolution of THS is the TLHS burner, able to reach higher power and work in flameless combustion (TLX).

Tenova’s portfolio is completed by two high-efficiency combustion systems: the self-recuperative system with TRKS and TRKSX, and the regenerative system, with TRGS and TRGSX.

For radiant tube furnaces, Tenova has developed two new families of burners: TRK for U and W shape radiant tubes and the self-recuperative TRKS for Single-end, P and double-P radiant tubes. The first ones are able to work in low NOx mode thanks to waste gases recirculation system combined with heat exchanger; the second ones are able to work in flameless mode.


Tenova Italimpianti hit a crucial milestone in the decarbonization of metals production: the successful development of TRKSX – 200 kW flameless combustion system burning any mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, up to 100% hydrogen The technology can be installed in industrial plants with potentially zero carbon dioxide emissions while maintaining NOx emissions well below the next future strictest limits – releasing less than 80 mg/Nm3 @ 5% of oxygen with furnace at 1050°C – also guaranteeing an optimal heat transfer uniformity within the furnace. The quantity of hydrogen can be simply regulated through the combustion zone control logic, allowing producers to adapt the fuel mixture to contingent needs without any mechanical intervention.



The combustion system is equipped with the novel Smart Burner Monitoring System (SBMS), which permits to monitor and optimize the burner’s performance, operation and maintenance thanks to a network of embedded sensors connected to the Tenova Digital infrastructure, through secure connection protocols and intrinsic system reliability. The data collected are post-processed locally on edge computing unit and remotely on Tenova Cloud, to monitor the status of the burner and implement breakthrough approaches to inspection, maintenance and tuning, also reducing safety risks related to on-site operations. The SmartBurner Industrial IoT platform represents the cornerstone of the next generation of industrial combustion systems.

Heat Treatment for Pipes, Plates and Forgings

Tenova Italimpianti and Tenova LOI Thermprocess are the world leader in Industrial Furnaces for Heat Treatment of Pipes, Plates and Forging Parts. The Specialists for advanced Heat Treatment Technologies execute Projects all over the world to different Industries. Its distinctive capability is to provide advanced custom engineered Heating and Cooling Technologies to its clients