1. Consteel Continuous Charging System

Consteel Continuous Charging System

The Consteel system continuously feeds and pre-heats the metallic charge (scrap, pig iron, etc.) to the EAF, while simultaneously controlling gaseous emissions.

Tenova's exclusive Consteel® system is the only fully tested industrial process in operation today that continuously pre-heats and feeds metallic charge to the EAF, while simultaneously controlling gaseous emissions.

More than 20 years after the first industrial installation, Tenova's Consteel® system is the best EAF charging solution on the market today, a leadership achieved through maximum availability, efficient use of energy and raw materials, easy operation and maintenance, and respect for the environment.

With the latest Consteel® generation - Consteel® Evolution - Tenova moves the frontier of innovation forward. Its new solutions integrate the expertise and know-how gained over the years to modify the flow of fumes and so increase the volume and efficiency of the chemical energy used in the process. The result is improved pre-heating.

The charge is loaded directly from the scrap-yard to the charge conveyor, where it is automatically and continuously preheated and transferred to the EAF. Once preheated, the charge falls into the EAF where it is continuously melted by the liquid steel. This permits constant flat bath operation, a key advance over conventional batch processes where scrap is melted directly by the electric arc.

Gases from the EAF are then sent to a plant fume cleaning system where undesirable pollutants are burned in a residuals combustion chamber without consuming fuel.

Consteel, the cleaner, cost saving solution for today's improved steelmaking.

  • Efficiency


    • Reduced electrical energy consumption - Reduced power consumption: 296 kWh/tls
    • Power rate reductions: less power to contract for the same level of production reduces your unit cost of kilowatt hours. Consteel® also dramatically reduces electrical disturbances on the network.
    • Reduced electrode consumption and electrode breakage
    • Less oxygen and no burner fuel consumption Increased scrap yield: 1 to 2 percent higher
    • Reduction in logistics, maintenance and manpower costs
    • No buckets used: the conveyor continuously feeds the metal charge directly into the EAF
  • Safety


    • Less manpower required in the melt shop, less persons in the dangerzone
  • Reference


    • We have been producing Consteel with an experience of more than 20 years with an extensive reference list spanning all continents and many commodities
    • 45 installations in 18 countries
  • Environment


    • controlling gaseous emissions = lower carbon footprint
    • 30 - 40 % reduction in dust emissions to be disposed
    • The Consteel process also minimizes noise, dust and polluting emissions, both inside the melt shop (no doghouse is needed) and to the fume system, which, unlike a conventional EAF, does not need to be oversized to handle burst emissions.
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Consteel Evolution 
      • Improved use of chemical energy
      • Continuous control and optimization of operational parameters
      • improved charge control through automated scrap quantity and quality tracking 
    • Delivers maximum flexibility in the selection of metallic charge materials, which can be scrap, pig iron, direct reduced iron units and hot metal, in all possible combinations and ratios.



  • Customer
    Project name
    RG Steel Wheeling
    RG Steel Wheeling Pittsburgh
    United States, Mingo Junction Ohio

    Tenova Melt Shops Business Unit successfully started up a new Consteel® plant in Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, at Mingo Junction (Ohio - USA) Steel Plant. The supply includes an EAF with Consteel® system equipped with all the most advanced EAF technologies (KT™ injection system, conductive arms, electrode regulation). The EAF is charged with a variable mix of scrap and hot metal.

    The WP Consteel® is a giant with a production capacity of 330 tons/hour when fed with 40% hot metal and 60% scrap. It has set a new world record for a single electric arc furnace. The Consteel® EAF replaced one of the existing Blast Furnaces bringing cost savings and environmental benefits through a unique technology. The Consteel® EAF was the major milestone for the WP restructuring plan, enabling the Company quickly and efficiently to respond to the variability of the iron and steel market. The success of this project was the result of the extraordinary cooperation and teamwork between Tenova and Wheeling Pitt.

    This project shows the “flexibility” of Consteel® technology: the capability to utilize different metallic sources: a mix of hot metal and steel scrap optimizing the market circumstances in real time.

    Project Figures

    250 tons EAF
    140 MVA
    Tenova’s KT™ System (wall-fixed oxygen and carbon injectors)
    2400 mm
    120 m
  • Customer
    Project name
    New quality steel melt shop in TriererStahlwerk (TSW)
    Trierer Stahlwerk GmbH (TSW)
    Trier, Germany

    The Tenova Melt Shops Business Unit successfully started up a new Melt shop. Tenova supplied the German steelmaker TSW with a melt shop including an EAF featuring the Consteel® system, a Ladle Furnace (LF) and a Tenova Vacuum Degassing Treatment to complete its quality steel production line.

    The Trier plant can reach a production capacity of more than 29 heats per day, for a total of 560.000 tons of steel a year. The new Consteel® EAF with KT™ injection system permits to increase the productivity by more than 30% with the existing transformer while decreasing the consumptions considerably.

    Moreover a new innovative fume quenching system has been designed by Tenova for TSW plant in order to low the emissions further on: a step ahead to satisfy the "emission zero" plant's target. The new Ladle Furnace and Vacuum Degassing unit allow the production of a wide range of quality steel grades.

    Project Figures - EAF with CONSTEEL®

    60 tons
    40 MVA (existing)
    Tenova’s KT™ System (wall-fixed oxygen and carbon injectors)
    1600 mm
    50 m
    12 MVA (Existing)
    double ladle car to optimize plant logistics
    VD, fix vacuum vessel type
  • Customer
    Project name
    New Consteel Evolution
    Gerdau Estructurales Corsa, Tlalnepantla

    Project Figures

    120 t
    70 MW
  • Customer
    Project name
    New Consteel Evolution
    HTPM, Haiphong City

    Project figures

    75 t
    33 MW
  • Customer
    Project name
    New Consteel Evolution
    ORI Martin, Brescia

    Project figures

    85 t
    80 MW

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    100027 Beijing



Tenova offers some special technologies for the preheating process like the Multiple Pre Heater (MPH) or the Consteel system. The Multiple Pre Heater uses the energy contained in the furnace off-gas as an energy source to preheat the ore. The Consteel system represents a continuous charging and preheating concept for the metallic charge for the last 25 years.