1. Continuous Pickling Lines

Continuous Pickling Lines

Tenova supplies high-capacity and high-quality fully automatic Continuous Pickling Lines for carbon steel featuring:

• Capacity of up to 2.200.000 ton/year

• Process speed up to 350 m/min

• Entry/Exit sections speed up to 800 m/min

• Potentially zero waste in combination with a dedicated Acid Regeneration Plant.

Tenova Continuous Pickling Lines for carbon steel ensure accurate strip and pickling control, stable processes and precise strip tracking. These lines are equipped with fully automatic coil handling system and a proprietary Acid Regeneration Process.

Innovative process equipment:

  • Tension Leveler/Scale Breaker for more efficient pickling and strip shape improving
  • Plastic or steel rubber lined pickling tanks of shallow design for high efficiency and reliability
  • Turret-type Side Trimmer with Scrap Chopper
  • Multi-cascade system of HCl
  • Multi-cascade rinsing system