1. Decarburizing and Coating Line (DCL) for Silicon Steel Strip
  2. Decarburizing and Coating Line (DCL) for Silicon Steel Strip

Decarburizing and Coating Line (DCL) for Silicon Steel Strip

Cold rolled GO Si steel strip is annealed in a continuous process line for primary recrystallization and decarburization. After the steel strip has passed through the DCL furnace, it is coated with magnesium oxide and then dried.

Tenova, with its over 40 years of experience, is the only company with the competence and knowledge, of the entire multi-stage thermal process chain, which is required for the production of grain-oriented electrical steel strip.

The final cold rolled GO silicon steel strip needs to be annealed in a continuous process line for primary recrystallization and decarburization to a level below 30 ppm. The decarburization of the silicon steel strip is necessary to make the steel ageing-resistant, so that the magnetic properties are stable even after long term operation as transformer core material. Besides the high requirement on accurate and reliable temperature profiles during annealing, soaking and cooling the atmosphere control in the DCL is essential.The atmosphere control, mixing and humidification system is the part with the highest degree of complexity in this annealing furnace.

The cleaning section is equipped with the special high-turbulence high-efficiency density (HTHE) electrolytic cleaning tank to enhance the strip cleaning. The strip is brushed with the high efficiency - quick maintenance brushing units of the brush-to-brush type.

Special steering rolls are able to improve the camber at furnace exit.Strip cooling sections before coating with multi-channels cooling rolls Special 3-roll coaters with hydrodynamic tray allow for the MgO insulation coating & adequate MgO slurry preparation system is designed with high shearing model.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Key technology for the processing of silicon steel
    • Highest process accuracy and repeatability guarantees stable magnetic properties
    • Lower operational costs (electricity); lower investment and maintenance costs
    • Top level coating uniformity with high cooling uniformity preventing material tensioning
  • Reference


    • Worldwide reference installations at nearly all silicon steel producers
  • Digitalization


    • Fully automated control system
    • Various software modules for process optimization
    • Improved strip camber and tracking along the line
  • Efficiency


    • Modern heating technology
    • Heat and energy recovery

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