1. EFSOP® Technology

EFSOP® Technology

EFSOP® Technology is a real-time off-gas based process control system for the EAF, proven to achieve energy optimization and cost savings.

EFSOP® Technology measures and analyzes CO, CO2, O2 and H2 continuously at the fourth hole using chemistry to optimize chemical energy and post-combustion under CLC conditions.

In addition, off-gas chemistry along with process variables are used to optimize electrical energy, carbon & lime usage, slag formation and control and fume system heat load.

Low maintenance, fast payback and over 2 million heats analyzed resulting in significant reductions in overall EAF conversion costs, including lower kWh and other sources of energy such as charge and injected carbon and natural gas.

The EFSOP® optimization methodology establishes an EAF standard practice through real-time data in combination with extensive process experience to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity and yield.

When combined with other process sensors and information, EFSOP® is also a proven tool for identifying statistically abnormal off-gas composition including water, thereby increasing melt shop safety.

Since 1998, Tenova Goodfellow has remained the leader in off-gas based process control technology for the steel industry.

EFSOP® is the base platform used to introduce our next generation of "intelligent" furnace products known as iSTEEL® which are intelligent applications for the electric arc furnaces (iEAF®), oxygen converters (iBOF®) and energy recovery (iRecovery®).



  • 20 years of experience in the steel industry
  • Industry reference list of over 95 installations spanning across five continents in 17 countries
  • Efficiency


    • Historical savings of over USD /ton
    • Increased productivity.Increased yield
    • Lower conversion costs
    • Reduced emissions
    • Improved process efficiency and consistency
  • Safety


    • Less manpower required in the melt shop
    • Personnel safety
    • Environmental friendliness
  • Reference


    • We have been producing Consteel with an experience of more than 20 years with an extensive reference list spanning all continents and many commodities
    • 45 installations in 18 countries



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Analyzing Technologies

Tenova's extensive experience with fume system design supports the iron and steel industry with cutting edge consulting & engineering solutions for the modern EAF melt shop. Tenova designed cutting-edge analyzing technologies e.g. EFSOP, hot fume measurement, NOVA gas analyzers and the NextGen package and represents with this the benchmark in process control and analyzing technologies.