1. Electrode System

Electrode System

Tenova Pyromet electrodes are widely considered to be the industry standard, improving operation reliability and availability. Tenova Pyromet offers an array of upper and lower electrodes for different applications, which include the following:


- Composite electrodes.

- Graphite electrodes.

- Pre-baked electrodes.

- Søderberg electrodes.

The patented Tenova electrode holder is now widely considered to be the industry standard, setting new records in reliability and availability. Tenova also has access to the complete Bateman and Tagliaferri design library. All designs ensure fail-safe clamping solutions, providing operators with peace of mind during all situations. The new Tenova lower electrode system has been engineered to provide significantly improved availability, with lower risk of electrode breakages. The patented copper pressure ring provides a complete shield around the contact shoe, thereby ensuring improved electrode baking and operating availabilities.

  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Tenova's electrode technology is considered to be the benchmark in the furnace industry. Research & development, together with customer feedback, are the backbone to designing cost effective and reliable solutions that exceed expectations.



  • Customer
    Project name
    ASA Metals Furnace 2
    ASA Metals Ltd
    South Africa

    "The furnace uses the Tenova Pyromet patented electrode column system. This system has achieved remarkable results in operation"

    The electrodes for furnace 2 are 1,350 mm in diameter, incorporating a system to measure electrode tip positions and to detect electrode breakages. The electrode smoke seal was designed with a water-cooled copper base to increase the life of the rope seal, and also features remote adjustment of the clamping force as the rope material wears in services. Furnace 2 at ASA Metals was successfully switched into service during December 2003, almost 6 weeks ahead of the contract schedule.

    With this, ASA Metals increased their production capacity to 120,000 tpy of charge chrome, and the early start-up allowed them to achieve more than a month's extra production. This was a remarkably successful project, characterized by good relations between Tenova Pyromet and our client, and by a strong desire from all parties to build an exceptional furnace plant.

    The challenges associated with an accelerated program were met by rigorous attention to the management and scheduling of project activities, and by fostering good relationships, commitment and cooperation between the project team, the client and the various sub-contractors.

  • Customer
    Project name
    ASA Metals Furnace
    ASA Metals Ltd
    South Africa

    The furnace uses the Tenova Pyromet patented electrode column system. This system has achieved remarkable results in operation.

    The first ASA Metals furnace was commissioned by Tenova Pyromet in August 1999. It included the new Tenova Pyromet Electrode Column, which has achieved 99.7% availability for more than two years (0.3% downtime). The plant features an advanced and integrated plant automation and AutoFurn™ furnace control system and was designed to eventually cater for up to four furnaces. The complete plant was designed and supplied by Tenova Pyromet, and has been highly efficient.

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