1. Electrolytic Galvanizing Lines (EGL) for Carbon Steel Strip

Electrolytic Galvanizing Lines (EGL) for Carbon Steel Strip

Tenova EGL technology stands out due to the following distinctive features:

• Plating cells

• Improved plating process control

• Insoluble anodes

• Zinc dissolving plants

Tenova design for the circumferential plating cell allows:

  • One side coating only / differential coating
  • Narrow gap anode - strip (negligible zinc build up on edges, low voltage applied)
  • Good control on fluid dynamics inside cell.

Anodes design (lead alloy) has been improved to achieve:

  • Higher lifetime
  • Complete insolubility (no lead pollution).

Anodes are made of titanium covered with noble metals (iridium, tantalum, ruthenium) and their oxides. Zinc coating thickness is controlled by Level 1 automation system through a precise relationship.

The automation system constituted of Level 1 & 2, HMI and fully integrated with measuring instruments and sensors allows the automatic set and control of:

  • Strip coating thickness
  • Strip speed
  • Plating current
  • Electrolyte chemical and physical characteristics
  • Plating parameters
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