1. Electrowinning (EW)

Electrowinning (EW)

Tenova Advanced Technologies (TAT) provides services and proprietary equipment, as well as complete circuit packages for Electrowinning (EW) sections of metal recovery plants for the mining industry.

We design tank houses of all sizes, from those for small operations to large-scale, manual and automated systems. Although our services cover the entire metals spectrums, we also specialize in complex Electrowinning applications such as cobalt and nickel.

Our crossflow electrolytic cell, called Tenocell™, provides an improved distribution flow pattern around each cathode, resulting in improved cathode quality. The cell design includes and anode double contact bus bar, Tenobar™, that improves current distribution and efficiency, as well as an acid mist suppression system that facilitate a safe working environment. Our tank house layout designs result in optimal efficiency and provide for low-cost operating facilities.


Our redesigned cells provide an improved flow pattern around each cathode resulting in improved cathode quality. Our unique design also accommodates a close capture ventilation system, which provides for a safe working environment – this is particularly important in the design of copper, nickel and cobalt EW circuits.


Leveraging our years of experience, we designed our proprietary inter-cell bus bar system in order to enhance current distribution and efficiency throughout the EW cell. In this manner, we are able to optimize the weight of copper required and thus decrease its cost. The Tenobar™ is in addition to an equalizing bar and allows for a double contact on the anode, which therefore:

  • Decreases stray currents
  • Increases the life of the anode life
  • Increases copper quality
  • Decreases electrical energy consumption

Tank House Layout

We understand the importance of design practices that provide efficient yet low-cost operating facilities for manual or automated-strip plants. TAT designed EW tank houses, that range from 10 to 1 000 cells, are able to integrate all manner of lifting crane and stripping machines available. This ensures that we are best able to match our individual client requirements and specific needs.

Brief Overview of Selected Projects

  • Antofagasta Minerals, Antucoya, Chile: Design, supply and construction of an 80,000 tpa copper SX-EW plant
  • Baja Mining, Boleo, Mexico: Design of a 60,000 tpa copper SX-EW plant consisting of 4 SX circuits and 2 EW facilities
  • Codelco, Gaby, Chile: Design, supply and construction of a 150,000 tpa copper SX-EW plant
  • Vale, Tres Valles, Chile: Design, supply and construction of a 22,000 tpa copper SX-EW plant