1. Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF)

Flexible Modular Furnace® (FMF®)

The Flexible Modular Furnace® was born from Tenova experience on EAF and Hot Metal steelmaking practices in China. The combination of the two experiences guided Tenova toward a unique flexible steelmaking technology.

The Equipment modularity will allow the user to face different scenarios starting with a "Base module" (optimum for the current situation of high hot metal percentage process) and adjusting it time to time by adding other modules depending by their needs and the market requirements.

The FMF is a new concept of variable charging mix melting process.

It is a flexible solution able to adapt to different and volatile scenarios by adding and/or removing the different modules. FMF Base Module is a solution developed starting from Chinese experiences and now ready to face the transition from Oxygen Steel making to EAF steelmaking.

  • Efficiency


    • Process control in FMF converter mode is based on continuous material feeding
    • Possible to control the typical issues that occur with high Hot Metal Processes (jamming, splashing, etc..)
    • Transition from Oxygen Steel making to EAF steelmaking
    • Works efficiently with full a range of raw material (0-90 % Hot Metal, 0-100 % Scrap or DRI)


  • Customer
    Project name
    Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF)

    A great success for an EAF revamped into a “FMF base module" at JSPL’s Raigarh Steel Plant. An innovative technology that allows JSPL to reduce production costs while maintaining high performances.

    Tenova has developed the new furnace concept, the Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF), for JINDAL Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) Raigarh Steel Plant, in India. This innovative technology is designed for steelmakers that currently use a significant amount of hot metal in their charge mix yet ready to move or return to scrap based steelmaking.

    In the JSPL steel plant, the steelmaker converted the existing Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) into a Tenova FMF. Adopting the new Tenova technology, JSPL gained a saving on the production costs of around 15-18 USD per tons of steel, resulting in a year saving of approximately 15-20 million USD - achieving a ROI in less than 4 months. The same new furnace can easily produce 32 heats with 89% guaranteed yield, and has the potential of producing 36 heats with operation excellence. Moreover, it succeeded in producing 42 heats-through on November 14, 2015 - a world recor.


Tenova offers the best solutions for EAF’s with more than 1500 References and an experience of more than 100 years. Tenova offers complete furnace packages and equipment for all the charging mix alternatives including DRI, HBI, scrap and hot metal. Tenova’s special concepts like the FMF design to face the transition from oxygen to electrical power based steel making or the Consteel furnace with included heat recovery package representing the cutting-edge technology for melting processes.