1. Galvanizing furnace for high temperature

Galvanizing furnace for high temperature

Galvanizing furnaces with ceramic bath area are used for galvanizing of small parts. They are available with natural gas and oil heating. The dimension can be adapted to the intended goods to be galvanized.

Galvanizing furnace for high temperature galvanizing heat the zinc bath from top. The bath area is lined with refractory material, which better than a metallic kettle withstands the high temperature zinc. The bath is specified acc. to the good's dimension.

Heating can be effected by natural gas burners of the high speed or the flat flame design or by oil burners. Also electrical heating is available.

Kettle dimension of more than 20 m in length, width of more than 3 m and depths of more than 4 m are possible and installed.

Also special drying furnaces and centrifuges are available for the goods to be galvanized in these furnaces.

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Galvanizing of Single Parts

Galvanizing provides long-term protection for steel constructions and steel components.