1. Heat Treatment Furnaces for wire of nonferrous metals

Heat Treatment Furnaces for wire of nonferrous metals

Chamber furnaces are used for annealing and solution annealing processes of wire coils made of nonferrous alloys (e.g. nickel alloys, Inconel) or also special steels (e.g. duplex or high resistance steels) Furnaces can be custom-designed to meet the specific customer needs. Normally annealing processes require the presence close to the furnace of a dedicated tank for rapidly quenching the products.

Tenova offers the entire system made of a suitable number of chamber furnaces for the process of annealing, the complete set of machines for managing the charging, discharging and handling operations and the technology of quenching the coils by means of water or even by polymers.

The technology of the combustion system is able to achieve the strictest temperature tolerances of the wire along the entire annealing cycle.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Low OPEX
    • Low maintenance
  • Efficiency


    • High temperature uniformity of the product due to the design of the combustion chamber and the combustion technology of Tenova
  • Safety


    • All the equipment are designed in total accordance with the strictest safety regulations
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