1. Heat Treatment Lines for Forgings
  2. Heat Treatment Lines for Forgings
  3. Heat Treatment Lines for Forgings
  4. Heat Treatment Lines for Forgings
  5. Heat Treatment Lines for Forgings

Heat Treatment Lines for Forgings

Continuously operated heat treatment lines are used for high-quality products in the milling and forging industry to improve the mechanical properties of the different parts for safe and long-time operation of the end product as e.g. high speed railway wheels or armatures of the oil and gas industry.

The LOI TENOVA heat treatment lines for forging parts are well known technology and industry proven equipment.

Special forging parts are expose to extreme  loads. Therefore he necessary material qualities of those parts and the great demand for them represent new challenges which the thermal processes have to meet.


  • Efficiency


    • Energy saving using high efficient energy recovery systems
  • Safety


    • Full automatically operation, "no man on floor" required
  • Digitalization


    • Detailed control of the actual process state
    • Industry 4.0 ready


  • Customer
    Project name
    Taiyuan Heavy Industries
    Taiyuan, China

    Heat Treatment Line for High Speed Wheels

    This full automatically operated plant mainly consists of an Equalizing Furnace, a Hardening Furnace, eight LOI-Quenching Units and two Tempering Furnaces as well as all required equipment for material handling, cooling areas and testing and marking devices.

    Project figures

    Car bottom pusher type furnace
    max. 70 wheels/h
    Chinese and International standards for high speed wheels (e.g. EN 13262)
    Standard hot-air impulse burner
    In-house development of Quenching Units. Mathematical model for different cooling programs acc. to different requirements, material quality and geometry.
    Comprehensive visualisation- and documentation possibilities - ranging from the illustration of the nominal measuring values, the furnace charging to the actual wheel temperature – allow a detailed control of the actual process state.
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