1. Hot Formed Software and Automation

Software and Automation

Thanks to its specialized and dedicated Software Development Team, Pomini Tenova is able to offer a standardized machine HMI, which allows a perfect integration and an easy operation of all Roll Shop Machines. Moreover, the long term experience and the constant technical exchange with Customers all over the world lead to the development of special software tools aimed at making Roll Shop Operation easier and more efficient.

  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Complete and fully integrated software packages for machine operation and Roll Shop management, based on decades of experience on the field.
  • Efficiency


    • Efficient management software of the production flow thanks to tailor made solutions based on operators' needs and experience.
  • Service


    • Powerful tools for machine fault diagnosis and detection of problems, together with easy reminders for normal maintenance operations. Remote service via internet allows direct connection of Pomini specialists to any machine.
  • Reference


    • Worldwide references for HMI and operation software, as well as handling and management software.
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Dedicated software solutions for easy operation and efficient management of both machines and handling operations. All data stored in databases allow analisys through powerful tools so to have statistics, productivity reports, etc.

RSMS (Roll Shop Management System)

The RSMS is the perfect tool for tracking the everyday Roll Shop Operation. All data concerning Rolls can be directly retrieved both from the Roll Grinders and the Rolling Mill. Moreover, the system can collect data about grinding wheels, chocks and bearings. Thanks to this powerful database, the Roll Shop Manager will be able to view historic data, make performance statistics and create personalized reports.

RDMS (Roll Defect Management System)

The Roll Defect Management System (RDMS) was designed as a joint initiative by ArcelorMittal Dofasco and Pomini Tenova to turn the ArcelorMittal Dofasco patented Roll Defect Management Process into an automatic software. Basing on the data coming from the Pomini Inspektor Eddy Current and Ultrasound inspection device and on the thresholds selected by the Roll Shop Manager, the system is able to differentiate between thermal and mechanical cracks and to determine minimum stock removal necessary to remove the most serious defect areas found.

CPC (Continuous Profile Compensation)

The CPC is a function installed on Roll Grinders which allows to automatically control and correct the profile during the grinding process, thanks to continuous profile measurement (caliper) and monitoring of grinding parameters. Without any intervention from the operator the Roll Grinder is now able to automatically adapt the grinding cycle basing on one or more pre- selected targets, such as taper error, profile error, minimum requested stock removal, etc.

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