1. iBOF®


Tenova’s iBOF® is a breakthrough technology designed to reduce GHG emissions while improving yield, productivity and scrap-melting capability and cutting operating costs.

Tenova's iBOF®, "intelligent Basic Oxygen Furnace", is breakthrough technology that combines highly reliable off-gas analysis, novel sensors & process models to provide an unparalleled level of control & efficiency.

iBOF® is a modular technology that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each BOF steel making plant by employing a combination of several technologies:

Module 1 - End-Point Detection

The innovative features of iBOF®, uses NextGen® technology as the base, along with proprietary off-gas sensors to measure temperature, flow and pressure and BOF process control models that are designed to enable "Blow & Tap" practice without additional cost and delays associated with sub-lance technology.

Module 2 - Intelligent Slop Detection System (iSDS®)

A unique and proven technology that uses lance vibration analysis with real-time alerts to give operators advance warning of the onset of a slop and a measurement of the slop severity. It is designed to provide direct feedback control of lance position and oxygen flow rate for rapid mitigation of the effects of a slop.

Module 3 - Optimized Post-Combustion

iBOF® post-combustion uses NextGen®, multi-point analysis together with temperature, flow and pressure sensors and a dual-flow lance with independent control of primary and secondary oxygen to control secondary oxygen flow-rate, penetration and timing. The result is optimal post-combustion efficiency and scrap-melting capability with minimal refractory or lance wear.

Module 4 - Automatic Tapping Control

Through operator-assist mode or a fully automatic mode, iBOF® auto-tapping technology uses advanced image analysis together with process models to control tapping practice, resulting in decreased tap time and variability, reduced slag carry-over and ferroalloy and aluminum consumption.

iBOF® technology delivers unprecedented value and an unparalleled level of customized control by employing a combination of reliable offgas analysis, novel sensors and process models linked by a comprehensive automation system.

iBOF® is a modular solution available as a unified package or as standalone systems designed to meet specific customer needs.



  • Efficiency


    • Reduced Tap Alloys
    • Reduced Consumables
    • Increased Productivity
    • Increased Yield
  • Environment


    • Reduced GHG Emissions
  • Safety


    • Improved Safety of the Process
    • Slop detection mitigation
    • Reduced Maintenance & Repair


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Optimization Systems/Automation

Tenova offers special solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of a steelmaking process. Technology packages like “iEAF”, “iBOF”, “iMeltshop” and Level 2 automation technology are designed to provide steelmakers with sustainable long-term savings from dynamic control and holistic optimization of the process.