1. iMeltshop


Tenova's iMeltshop is a so called "One button operation" for a fully automatic steelmaking.

The vision of this program is to reach a fully automatic steelmaking operation where at every step of the process sensors, automation and advanced models, control the plant equipment to reach the final product at the highest efficiency, productivity and safety while reducing environmental issues. Moreover the program fosters research in the field of smart sensing and automatic troubleshooting.

iMeltshop controls and regulates all the equipment involved in the transformation process and coordinates each to achieve the maximum efficiency with less resources. The excellent potential of the system promotes continuous development for improved optimization of the performance for all types of scenarios of cost and operation.

Meltshop Production Short-Time Scheduling

This module is designed to provide support in the management of the detailed production scheduling and operation planning. With a limited time horizon of 12-24 hours, all steel production requests have the same priority in the scheduling environment. The ERP system processes production requests to generate the best heat sequence for casting equipment, taking into account the production targets and the production contstraints. This module can also be used as a stand alone tool in the absence of the ERP.

Charge Optimizer

Charge optimization is performed to minimize the production cost of the assigned melting. The model makes a dynamic evaluation of the most cost effective composition of the charge considering the available materials, and the most efficient treatment in the process stations. Tenova iMeltshop takes into consideration metallic and non-metallic charge as well as required ferroalloys additions into the tapping ladle to meet the quality targets of the final product.

Plant Monitoring

The main scope is to present a fast and intuitive picture of the process route condition, combined with the evidence of the development of production on the time basis. The information is based on real-time screening and measurement of the production figures integreated by the analysis of the historical data. Through dynamic data analysis, real-time updates for production flows and a predictive estimation of delays is performed for the calculation of the standard process times.

Ladle Tracking System

This advanced technology permits the efficient management of the ladles inside the plant. Basic elements of the LTS are: Automatice detection of the ladle physical position Real time update of the ladle life history through connections with the Automation and Process Control systems Ladle life in-production monitoring, giving warnings when the refractory campaign reaches the predefined thresholds A freely configurable standard ladle assembly for notifying the ladle refractory consumption when the lining is repaired or rebuild Consumption components in-production monitoring, to give warning when the predefined thresholds are reached. Identified components in-production monitoring to give warning when the predefined thresholds are reached. The Ladle Tracking System tracks how each ladle, with its current assembly, is used in the process.

Process and Operation Management

Tenova iMeltshop is the process management tool for the coordination and efficiency improvement of the whole production line. Real-time management of the process route ensures faster and more effective reactions in case of deviation from the standard practice. What is observed and recorded by the system during the operation enables production managers and operators to make the correct adjustments and appropriate actions necessary.

Data Mining and Reports

The main objective of this module is extraction and data mining of the process data that is measured and recorded by the iMeltshop system to further transform it into understandable reports for further analysis. Relevant reports that are generated can be customized to meet the requirements of management. Tenova's proprietary suite of iMeltshop in its entirety can be an effective and strategic tool for achieving best practices of meltshop management from the quality, quantity and cost effectiveness point of view.

  • Efficiency


    • Smart and self-adjusting operations that reduces transformation cost
    • more automatic and standarized operation
  • Environment


    • Improved environmental emissions
  • Safety


    • Improved safety
    • No Staff in the dangerzone


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Optimization Systems/Automation

Tenova offers special solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of a steelmaking process. Technology packages like “iEAF”, “iBOF”, “iMeltshop” and Level 2 automation technology are designed to provide steelmakers with sustainable long-term savings from dynamic control and holistic optimization of the process.