1. Lamination Furnace for Semi-Finished Silicon Steel Strip

Lamination Furnace for Semi-Finished Silicon Steel Strip

Semi-finished electrical steel requires an annealing process with recrystallizing, decarburizing and blueing. The punched laminations are continuously annealed in a roller hearth furnace or for smaller capacity in a pusher type furnace.

LOI Thermprocess, with its over 40 years of experience, has designed and delivered furnaces for heat-treating of silicate and non-silicate semi-processed laminations.

After punching of the semi-processed motor laminations a final annealing is necessary and typically done in a pusher type or roller hearth furnace. The process in both furnaces is recrystallizing, decarburizing and blueing of the semi-processed motor laminations after the punching (stacking).

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Key technology for the processing of silicon steel
    • Highest process accuracy and repeatability guarantees stable magnetic properties
  • Reference


    • Worldwide reference installations at nearly all silicon steel producers.
  • Digitalization


    • Fully automated control system
    • Various software modules for process optimization

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