1. Matte and slag taphole blocks

Matte and slag taphole blocks

Tenova Pyromet copper tapholes are part of an integrated design solution for the entire taphole area, including the block and its surrounding refractory.

Tenova Pyromet taphole design uses FEA techniques to predict and optimize wear patterns and thermal performance.

  • Efficiency


    • Higher power density levels can be maintained, for higher furnace throughput.
    • Lower Heat Losses, the insulating freeze lining reduces energy losses from the furnace.
    • The freedom to optimize process chemistry and operating temperatures without the constraint of lining life considerations.
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • longer campaign life reduces overall capital expenditure. Decreased downtime cuts production losses.
  • Safety


    • External water passages on SAFECOOL cooler designs keep water outside the furnace
    • Cast-in monel tubes in MAXICOOL coolers eliminate the risk if water leaks caused by casting defects
    • Long-term cracks in copper due to thermal fatigue cannot extend into monel passages
    • Fusion of monel tubes with cast copper ensures excellent heat transfer


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Water cooled Copper Elements

Tenova copper products, including copper coolers, water cooled copper launders, water cooled copper tap holes and other specialty products, are designed using advanced techniques such as FEA and CFD. Tenova copper products are manufactured with high purity copper to exacting quality standards.