1. Melting Furnace

Melting Furnace

The melting furnaces MF are used for the energy-efficient melting of clean input material such as block metal or clean production return scrap.

Depending on the conditions at our customer's works, we propose stationary or tilting furnaces. The MF, the tiltable ones feature a fully cardan suspension of the hydraulic tilting cylinders, which ensures a continuous and precisely control of the tilting movement. Moreover, this design guarantees that the cylinder is free from bending forces, which in turn leads to a longer service life of its gaskets.

The furnaces are equipped with large doors for easy charging and cleaning. The doors are equipped with a hood that collects dust and flue gas while the furnace door is open. The smooth inner walls of the furnace chamber contribute to the easy and thorough cleaning.

The furnaces can be equipped with rotary flux or gas injection and electromagnetic stirrers. Both improve homogeneity and quality of the melt.

Our melting furnaces are heated either with natural gas burners or electrically. Regenerative burners with a large flame volume are used for the optimum radiant or convective heat transfer and are characterized by a homogeneous heat impact to the bath surface. This results in a homogenous temperature distribution, a low formation of nitrogen oxides and an efficient heat recovery.

Since the discharged waste gas preheats the combustion air in the regenerator, both the energy requirement and the waste gas temperature are reduced. The latter allows feeding the waste gas directly into the filter system without an additional upstream cooling system.

Environmental Protection & Resources
The substantial heat recovery results in low energy consumption and in lower emissions of CO2 and pollutants. The metal-friendly furnace process control minimizes metal loss and thus optimizes the metal yield.

The advantages at a glance:
•    High metal yield
•    Low energy requirement
•    Minimum pollutant emissions
•    Low maintenance efforts
•    Long service life

  • Efficiency


    • Regenerative burner systems reduce energy and resource consumption and environmental pollution
    • Flat walls and wide door openings allow quick and easy cleaning of the bath area
    • Shape of the furnace bottom allows complete emptying of the furnace
    • Electromagnetic agitation reduces melting and mixing time
  • Safety


    • Tilting melting furnaces allow safe and easy control of liquid metal transfer to downstream equipment and safe conditions for operators
    • Automatic burner and process control improve safety
    • Hoods above doors reduce pollution of the building area during charging and cleaning operations
    • Charging by automatic charging machines reduce need for direct access of operators to the furnace
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Melting and Casting

Melting furnaces for aluminium block metal and casting/holding furnaces.