1. Mobile Transfer Conveyors

Mobile Transfer Conveyors

Mobile Transfer Conveyors (MTCs) are "multi use" equipment that are used to both increase performance and flexibility of many mining operations.

TAKRAF's MTCs are designed to handle a wide range of capacities of various bulk material. The crawler-mounted machines improve the performance of any mining operation and function as flexible links between mining machines and bench conveyors. In this manner, they are thus able to increase the shifting width of the system.

Our machines are all specifically designed to our client's requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application. Our machines can be equipped with separate receiving and discharge conveyors or one single conveyor.

A MTC with a single conveyor is a common solution without having a material transfer point in the center of the machine. The receiving and discharge sections of the conveyor can be lifted to adjust to various transfer points and a slew bearing between the machine's undercarriage and superstructure allows for a slewing movement of the superstructure.

However, MTCs are also often employed to bridge different bench level heights and thus many machine designs include two independent boom conveyors. A MTC with separately liftable booms and a material transfer point in the center of the machine allows for a greater luffing range as compared to single-boom machines.

Another solution providing maximum flexibility is a MTC with separately liftable and separately slewable booms. Further to a slew bearing between undercarriage and superstructure, a second slew movement between the receiving boom and the discharge boom is also provided for. In order to guarantee machine stability at any slew or luffing position, the receiving boom is thus equipped with a counterweight and consequently, the service weight of such a machine is higher than of other machines.

As a result of our continuous innovation and development, together with careful consideration of our client's unique requirements, we are able to satisfy the most diverse demands for MTC operation.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Our machines operate as flexible links between mining machines and bench conveyors and increase the shifting width of the system
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • TAKRAF is able to provide numerous machine options, ranging from a machine with one single conveyor, to machines with separate liftable boom conveyors and finally to machines with separate liftable and separately slewable booms

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  • Customer
    Project name
    Mobile transfer conveyor (MTC) BRs 1600.42/72
    Mini Maritsa Iztok / EAD
    Open-pit mine Troyanovo

    Two boom equipped MTC in open-pit mine Troyanovo

    TAKRAF delivered the machine as a turn-key project. The MTC is equipped with two booms, which are independently either liftable and slewable.

    Project figures

    6,000 m³/h
    1.6 t/m³
    42 m
    72 m
    from 5.5 m to 13.5 m above level
    from 1.9 m to 23.0 m
    +/-180° (undercarriage against superstructure) and +/-100° (receiving boom against superstructure)
    1.6 m
    90 kPa


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