1. MPH


The Multiple Pre Heater (MPH) is a system developed by Tenova Pyromet utilising the energy contained in the furnace off-gas as an energy source to pre-heat the ore.

The MPH utilised the chemical energy contained in the cleaned furnace off-gas (mainly CO gas) as a energy source to pre-heat the chromite ore. The CO gas is combusted in a bespoke Pyromet designed combustion chamber that ensures optimal mixing and control of the combusted gas for a uniform hot gas to pre-heat the chromite ore. The modular design allows for the system to be retro fitted to existing SAF operations, a unique feature when compared to the kiln design. The pre-heater vessels are located lower in the building , reducing the load on the furnace building steel structure.

  • Efficiency


    • Reduction in furnace power consumption = approx. 15 %
    • Reduction in volatile matter of the reductant = approx. 20 % ( this figure is dependenton the type of reductant used) which increases the CO content of the furnace gas generated
    • Stabilized furnace operating resistance , which increases the power input by 0.5 to 1.0 MW due to less electrode movement / transformer tap changer changes as the feed is dry and hot
    • Reduction in reductant consumption
    • Increased degree of ore reduction
  • Environment


    • The MPH utilises energy contained in the off gas stream which would previously be combusted and discharged to atmosphere. Utilising this energy source reduces the plant's required external energy input, leading to a reduced energy requirement footprint.



  • Kazchrome Aksu shop 6 renovation project

    Project name
    TNC JSC Kazchrome
    foreseen Mid 2017

    Kazchrome awards Tenova Pyromet furnace contract for Aksu ferroalloys plant renovation and upgrade

    The technical solution features innovative furnace technology developed by Tenova Pyromet. This includes a unique transformer design and new Multiple Pre-Heater units, which will allow increased power input by almost 30%, within the existing furnace structure and 85 MVA furnace rating Due for completion in mid 2016, the contract includes basic design of the complete shop 6, detail design and equipment supply for furnace 64, and process and equipment guarantees. The scope includes furnace transformers with 220 kV incoming power, negating the need for expensive intermidiate step down electrical reticulation equipment, and furnace control and automation, based on Tenova Pyromet's AutoFurnTM technology.

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Tenova offers some special technologies for the preheating process like the Multiple Pre Heater (MPH) or the Consteel system. The Multiple Pre Heater uses the energy contained in the furnace off-gas as an energy source to preheat the ore. The Consteel system represents a continuous charging and preheating concept for the metallic charge for the last 25 years.