1. Novasmelt


The Novasmelt™ Top Submerged Lance furnace is a technology developed by Tenova Pyromet's Base Metals Initiative and is the combination of years of TSL experience and cutting-edge research and development.

The Novasmelt™ furnace incorporates several key elements:

  • Tenova Pyromet’s proven strengths in design of intensively cooled metallurgical vessels
  • The innovative NovaLance™ (patent pending) for improved lance life
  • Re-configured lance tips (patent pending) specifically designed to reduce splash and improve bath mixing
  • Furnace upper and offtake geometry designed to minimise accretions and optimise post-combustion reactions
  • Integration of Tenova’s industry leading controller solutions, including the iBOF® and AutoFurn™

  • Efficiency


    The underlying philosophy for the Novasmelt™ furnace is our belief that the equipment design should not compromise the process efficiency.  There are inherent issues with the current 30 year old TSL technology that does not permit the smelting and off-gas post-combustion processes to be optimised. The Novasmelt™ furnace design solves these issues providing a vessel that can effectively contain the smelting and off-gas reactions.

  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    Tenova’s focus has been designing innovative solutions to issues with the TSL technology, which had stagnated under the status quo. Modernisation of the TSL technology began with a review of all preconceptions of design and methodology currently accepted by industry. A combination of physical modelling, small scale testing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation, and full scale demonstrations resulted in the successful generation of a new lance, furnace and plant design.

  • Reference


    Equipment from these endeavours has now been installed and successfully operated by existing TSL sites. Other developments are currently in the process of being demonstrated at the commercial scale. Critically, the Novasmelt™ also incorporates the industrially proven and patented technologies supplied by Tenova for furnace optimisation and control applied to the TSL lance, bath and operation control.


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Tenova Pyromet has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the ferroalloys and base metals smelting process and its technology is applied to a wide range of customer solutions. The company has an extensive reference list of successful projects and applies this technology to the benefit of ferroalloy and base metals customers world-wide.