1. Production of Electric Power

Production of Electric Power

Tenova's Energy Recovery Systems for EAF / BOF can also be in combination with a turbine used for the production of Electric Power.

The generated Steam of the heat recovery system can be used to drive a turbine which produce electricity.

The best reference of this system is Ori Martin in Brescia where the heat of the off-gases is covered and used for generating steam. With an installed Organic Turbine the produce electric Power.

  • Efficiency


    • Minimization of heat losses through waste gas
    • Reduced overall energy consumption
  • Environment


    • Lower carbon footprint
    • Recover energy from the off-gas to produce electricity



  • Customer
    Project name
    Energy Recovery System
    ORI Martin
    Brescia, Italy

    In year 1998 the Consteel steel plant was installed in Brescia Italy. After 16 years it was upgraded with a heat recovery system. The recovery system was installed to recover the remaining thermal energy in the off-gas for the production of steam. The iRecovery system will deliver thermal and electrical energy to the city of Brescia.

    An ECS heat recovery system, iRecovery , was installed by the end of 2015 at the ORI Martin steel plant of Brescia in Italy. This system, installed downstream of the EAF Consteel furnace, will have the task to recover part of the energy contained in the fumes generated during the scrap melting and superheating process in the electrical furnace.

    The energy extracted from the fumes will convert the recirculation water of the cooling curcuit into steam. This phenomenon is made possible thanks to the use of cooling water at boiling conditions that, circulating and absorbing energy, will be subject to partial phase change generating steam. During winter time the steam produced will be sent to a heat exchange unit dedicated to district heating for the town of Brescia managed by A2A company.

    During summer time the steam produced will be used to feed an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbogenerator for the production of electricity for internal use. It is essential to consider that the new heat recovery system will have no influence on the steel production process of Ori Martin.

  • Customer
    Project name
    Energy Recovery System
    Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH

    Furnace type: 100 t/h EAF. First waste heat boiler applied on an electric arc furnace. Feralpi uses the main advantage of the iRecovery system, transforming waste energy into usable energy. The objective was to further improve energy effi ciency of scrap based steelmaking, lowering the EAF specifi c electric energy use and CO2 emissions, with no reduction in overall plant availability and no additional personnel cost.

    The Feralpi Group, continuously striving to improve the operations in productivity, energy efficiency and environmental performance of its facilities, started considering the possibility to install a waste heat recovery system with power production at one of their electric steelmaking plants back in 2008.

    The first iRecovery system installation with the heat recovery for the complete waste gas line; downstream the steam generating waste gas duct a horizontal type compact waste heat boiler is connected. Special focus of this project is the cooling speed inside the waste heat boiler, which is in parallel to the existing quenching tower, in order to avoid de novo synthesis (recombination of dioxins and furans). The boiler is equipped with economizer, evaporator and superheater bundles.

    Superheated seam is required to avoid condensation in a 1.500 m long steam pipe line to an external consumer. During tapping (when no thermal power is coming from the furnace) an electrical superheated takes over the task. The produced steam is brought to two different consumers. One part is used in a nearby tire plant. The process steam produced in natural gas fi red boiler is replaced by the steam coming from the melt shop. The remaining steam is converted in an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) into electric energy.

    Project Figures

    30 t/h
    29-42,5 bar
    2,6 MW

Heat Recovery/Cogeneration Systems

Tenova Re-Energy is specialized in heat recovery equipment for the energy intensive industries. The company boasts an engineering team with extensive experience in heat recovery steam generation and develops its turnkey projects with the aim of increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact, a feature that strengthens Tenova’s positioning as a player committed to environmental sustainability and energy recovery. Energy efficiency is a topic that gets more and more importance to all potential customers in the steel and non-ferrous metal industry. 25-30% of the energy input in industrial furnaces is lost in waste gas and cooling water. The Tenova iRecovery® technology can recover up to 70% of the energy that would be lost.