1. Quenching Systems
  2. Quenching Systems

Quenching Systems

Quenching units are responsible of generating in-line the mechanical properties of the pipes and this feature is fundamental for the quality and definitively for the commercial value of the pipe.

Tenova provides innovative quenching systems designed to meet the strict processing requirements of the modern pipe producing plant.

This allows to offer an encompassed package of heat treatment for pipes composed by hardening furnace, quenching head, tempering furnace. This allows the production of high quality pipes in compliance on example with the strictest international standards (e.g. API)

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • High quality of the pipes with high temperature uniformity
    • Easy maintenance operations
  • Efficiency


    • Optimized water distribution achieved also by means of a design carried out with the CFD process modeling.
  • Safety


    • No particular safety issue are reported
  • Service


    • Engineering services for upgrades of existing equipment
    • Turnkey solutions and installations of integrated systems
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Heat Treatment Technology for Pipes