1. RH / RH-OB


The Ruhrstahl Heraeus (RH) vacuum recirculation process is carried out in a refractory-lined vessel equipped with two snorkels immersed in the steel bath. The process is focused on decarburization and degassing and is the best suitable system for the production of Ultra Low Carbon Steel grades.

In the Ruhrstahl Hereaus (RH) unit, vacuum treatment of the melt is carried out in a refractory-lined vessel equipped with two snorkels immersed in the steel bath. As system pressure is reduced, the melt rises into the vessel and circulation is induced by the injection of inert gas into the up-leg snorkel. The RH unit is usually employed for vacuum treatment and decarburization of long sequences of low-carbon steel grades.

Oxygen blowing rates of 2.000 - 4.000 Nm3/h and installed burner capacities of 2 - 4 MW are typical design features. For process supervision the lance can be equipped with a TV camera. In addition the Top Lance can be equipped with a powder blowing function in order to conduct a deep desulfurization of the steel.

  • Efficiency


    RH / RH - OB:

    • Fast decarburization down to 15 ppm
    • Hydrogen and nitrogen removal
    • Use of less expensive high-carbon alloys
    • Chemical heating of killed and un-killed heats
  • Efficiency


    Top Blowing Lance System:

    • Oxygen blowing for forced decarburization and chemical heating
    • Heating of RH vessel refractory material by gas /oxygen combustion
    • Powder blowing for desulfurization Fast skull removal by usage of the oxygen jet
    • Advanced ignition by external ignition facility


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Secondary Metallurgy

The increasing demand for high-quality steel makes the secondary metallurgy to an essential step in metallurgy process. The handling of alloys, degassing and desulfurization technologies as well as high-efficient decarburization solutions are representing an indispensable part of the production of high-quality steel.