1. Roller Hearth Furnace for Carbon Steel Tubes and Bars

Roller Hearth Furnace for Carbon Steel Tubes and Bars

LOI Thermprocess, with its predecessors Matthias Ludwig and Nassheuer, has been building Continuous roller hearth furnace plants under protective gas atmosphere for tubes, bars, wire coils and semi-finished annealing goods for more than 60 years. Throughout the world, more than 350 LOI roller hearth furnace plants under protective gas atmosphere have been installed.

Pipes, bars and other semi-finished products made from carbon and low alloyed steel, including wire coils, are becoming increasingly important throughout industry.

Roller hearth furnace plants can be used to treat a very wide range of products which are used in all industrial sectors. Economical, energy-efficient heat treatment plants are essential to meet the growing requirements faced by materials, such as weight reduction without sacrificing strength and other properties in the automobile industry, and to produce large quantities of materials required throughout the world.

The heat treatment is an essential stage in the production and processing of pipes and bars made from carbon and low alloyed steel. This heat treatment is mainly carried out in roller hearth furnaces, which may either be electrically heated or gas-fired. The main heat treatment processes under protective gas atmosphere in a roller hearth furnace plant are bright annealing in combination with

• Stress relief

• Recrystallization

• Normalizing

• Tempering

• Spheroidizing

• Solution Annealing

• Subcritical Annealing

• Isothermal Annealing

Tenova LOI roller hearth furnace plants with a protective controlled atmosphere are used to prevent unwanted reactions such as the oxidation or nitrification of the charge material in air or waste gas and therefore achieve the highest requirements. Other functions of our controlled atmosphere plants, especially for the treatment of carbon and low alloyed steel, include the creation of reducing conditions and/or carbon activity (the carburization or decarburization of the surface layer).

The controlled atmospheres consist of neutral or inert constituents. However, they may contain reactive components for process reasons.The neutral or inert component is mainly nitrogen. The active or reactive components are mainly carbon monoxide combinations in which hydrogen is a essential element.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • High reliability
    • Long durability
    • Customized design
    • Chainable design
  • Efficiency


    • Data reception from higher-level systems, e.g. ERP or MES
    • Process and capacity optimization
    • Consumption optimization and analysis
    • Easy production line integration
    • High efficiency heating systems
  • Safety


    • According to DIN EN 746
    • Safety analysis and risk assessment
    • Redundant Atmosphere Control System
    • Protective gas flow metering
    • Safety Flow Control
    • Furnace Pressure
    • Failsafe Design
    • Consistent with local requirements
  • Service


    • Low-wear
    • High reliability
    • Maintenance Assistance System
    • Alarm - Management via e-mail/sms/app
    • Remote maintenance
  • Reference


    • More than 350 furnace plants all over the world
    • Benteler Group
    • Baosteel Group
    • Boehler Group
    • Salzgitter Mannesmann Group
    • Sandvik Group
    • Tenaris Group
    • Tubacex Group
    • Vallourec Group
  • Environment


    • Recuperative burner system
    • Energy recovering systems, e.g. waste gas heat exchanger, high temperature cooling section with heat exchanger
  • Digitalization


    • Industry 4.0
    • DMC (Data Management Center)
    • CQI 9 conformity
    • Production data recording and analyse at everytime
    • Level 0, 1, 2 design by LOI
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Customized design
    • Customized programming and visualization
    • 100% continuous roller hearth furnace plant under 100% H2 without lock systems
    • Different jet cooling systems
    • Arbitrary sub suppliers
    • After sales service with know-how in modification and modernization
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