1. Rolling Mills

Rolling Mills

Tenova I2S is a recognized leader in technologies and innovative design and supply of cold rolling mills. Since 1974, Tenova I2S has specialized in providing customers the highest quality solutions in a broad range of mill types for production of stainless steel, carbon steel, specialty steels and non-ferrous metals.

20 High Cluster Mill

20 High Cluster Mills utilize small diameter work rolls which allow higher reductions on harder materials than other mill configurations. The multi-roll system having employs a unique roll configuration with adjustment capabilities to control strip shape and compensate for the effects of rolling a wide range of different strip widths to very thin thicknesses. The impressive accuracy tolerances deliver performance levels unmatched by traditional mills. Tenova I2S designs and manufactures a wide range of 20 High Cluster mills.

Single Stand and Temper Mills

Tenova I2S CRM's are versitile solutions for rolling Carbon Steel, Silicon Steel and Non-Ferrous metals. Our plants are desigend to meet the specific product and application in 4 High and 6 high configurations with production capacities up to 400,000 tpy. Our mills equipped with roll shifting, bending, HAGC and flatness control systems to produce high thickness and shape tolerances and surface qualities.

The Temper mill can be proposed as off-line coil to coil mill or can be installed into a processing line such as stainless, galvanizing, pickling, annealing, cut to length, and tension leveling lines in single stand or two stand configuration. Tenova I2S provides 2 High, 4 high, 6 High solutions, dry or wet rolling, to provide specific surface quality conditions, metallurgical and mechanical improvement characteristics.

Precision Mills

Bonding Mills designed to fuse different material types and special metals into single clad strip with typical applications in minting and electronics.

Level 1 & 2 Control Systems

The Tenova I2S mill automation systems are designed to offer a broad range of capabilities, from narrowly defined modernization projects to comprehensive, fully integrated control, automation and drive system, including high level production supervision, planning and support. Each system implementation is highly customized to facilitate the needs and requirements of the mill and end-user / customer.

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