1. Rotary Hearth Furnaces Long Products
  2. Rotary Hearth Furnaces Long Products

Rotary Hearth Furnaces Long Products

Tenova is the world’s leading supplier of rotary hearth furnaces for a variety of process applications and product types, with over 300 references in its portfolio.

Tenova rotary hearth furnace technology is adopted for specialized applications including bloom reheating, iron processing and waste reclamation processes.

We have designed and installed some of the largest-diameter and highest capacity rotary hearth furnaces in the world. With an extensive reference list of large rotary furnaces (up to 67 m in diameter), our unique hearth design can accommodate even larger furnaces.

Nowadays, to allow regulating various temperature and atmospheric zones as advantageously as possible Tenova has developed a new and "revolutionary" type of furnace design. This new design meets all demands imposed on modern furnaces in a simple and elegant manner: our new Rotary-Hearth Furnace with zone Separation.

Benefits of the Tenova Rotary Hearth Furnace with zone separations:

  • Their simpler design yields greater reliability.
  • Separated Zones allow more accurate process control.
  • Less thermal and mechanical stressing of batch carriers.
  • Loading/offloading can take place at a single location.
  • Allows high degrees of flexibility in configuring feed and take-off lines. No extra grates needed for emptying runs
  • Better net throughputs, resulting from the use of lighter base grates or ceramic batch carriers for individual parts handling.

Computerized fluid dynamic simulation and lab tests have been used to design proper flow dynamics of waste gases inside the furnace for special applications.

Our rotary hearth furnaces are utilized for:

  • Bloom / billets reheating for seamless pipe mills
  • Reheating for forging applications
  • Heat treating of wire coils
  • Heat treating of large pipes
  • Carbon baking
  • Glass parts thermal treatment
  • Calcining of coal & carbon products
  • DRI production from ore or from waste material
  • Iron nugget processing
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Reduced OPEX due to the strong energy saving
    • Reduced maintenance activities
  • Efficiency


    • Strong energy saving due to the ultimate combustion technology
    • Optimized process control
  • Safety


    • No budget limitation for safety issues
  • Service


    • Engineering services for upgrades of existing equipment
    • Turnkey solutions and installations of integrated systems
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Extremely low NOx emissions due to the ultimate combustion technology which is able to couple the benefits of the flameless combustion with those of the regenerative combustion
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