1. Ship Loaders

Ship Loaders

Ship loaders are employed in all applications where medium to high flow rates are to be loaded continuously.

Ship Loaders Catering to Various Capacities and Vessel Sizes

Tenova Material Handling ship loaders can be employed across a wide-variety of applications, although they are particularly suited to applications requiring medium to high flow and continuous vessel loading. Our loading systems are able to cover a wide-range of flow rates and/or vessel sizes and our typical systems cover the following sizes:

  • Loading capacity: 1,000 t/h to 20,000 t/h
  • Vessel size: 5,000 DWT to 350,000 DWT


Systems specifically designed to your unique requirements

Our systems are all specifically designed to our client's requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application, including actual site conditions and the minimizing of environmental impact. As a result, no loader is the same and each is specifically designed for purpose. Specific requirements often include:

  • Port design
  • Material characteristics
  • Loading capacity
  • Vessel type
  • Local laws and regulations
  • Budgetary
  • Environmental requirements


Various options and features can be included

According to our client's requirements our machines thus include Radial Quadrant, Linear Quadrant and Dual Linear Quadrant. In addition, our ship loaders can be equipped with a variety of different loading chutes depending on specific applications, customer requirements and required environmental compliance.

Quadrant ship loader (Radial, Linear, Dual-Linear)

The quadrant ship loader is based upon a pivot point on a centrally located stationary point and employs a rail travelling mechanism on a circular or linear rail on the seaside. The stationary pivot point has the added advantage of guaranteeing an optimal enclosure of the feed route. Additional support on the seaside rail makes it possible to install long boom lengths, so that, in many instances, shifting of the vessel during loading is minimized or even entirely eliminated. Often, two quadrant ship loaders are positioned in a side-by-side arrangement, so that even large ships can be fully loaded without shifting.

Automation and Remote Control Capabilities

Our machines are generally operated manually, however they are assisted by a variety of various systems including the automatic shutdown of a specific loading sequence or the automatic tracking of the telescopic slide on the fill level within the vessel's hatch. We are also able to equip our machines with a remote control facility that enables the operator to operate the machine directly from the hatches of the vessel so that they are able to maneuver into hatch corners and ensure complete loading of all material.


Integrated Port Facilities and Systems

TMH’s port solutions are employed throughout the world. Boasting high technical standards and state-of-the-art designs, our systems satisfy the toughest demands faced by modern ports.

TMH’s product range includes:

  • Ship to shore handling facilities employing grab and/or continuous unloading machines
  • Shore to ship handling facilities employing ship loading machines
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Depending on requirements, our machines include radial or linear-type variants with rotating, raising and lowering vibrating booms, and can be supplied as either mobile or fixed
  • Efficiency


    • We design, fabricate and supply a wide-range of ship loading machines ranging from 1,000 t/h to 20,000 t/h and catering to vessels ranging from 5,000 DWT to 350,000 DWT
  • Environment


    • Due to the enclosed nature of fixed-type loaders, they significantly reduce the environmental footprint, specifically dust emissions
  • Digitalization


    • Our machines are operated manually, however they are supplemented by various systems. In many instances, we equip our machines with a remote control facility which enables the operator to manoeuvre the loading equipment directly from the hatches of the vessel into the hatch corners


  • Customer
    Project name
    Sulphur Handling Terminal 2 – Ruwais Abu Dhabi UAE

    Granulated Sulphur
    from 87m to 138m from Pivoting axis to Discharging spout CL
    4,000 t/h
    64m from Pivoting axis
    80,000 DWT
  • Customer
    Project name
    NBT - Bulk Handling Terminal – North Vancouver, Canada

    from 84m to 123m from Pivoting axis to Discharging spout CL
    8,000 t/h
    60m from Pivoting axis
    200,000 DWT

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