TAKRAF provides specialized services and technology for the establishment of cement plants that ensure quick and dust-free service at high loading rates, as well as to convert and modify silos to meet the demands of modern production techniques.

    TAKRAF bulk cement plants incorporate:

    • IBAU central cone silos, which enable cement silos to be exceptionally efficient, allowing for optimal storage and dispatch
    • Specialized IBAU equipment for bulk cement dispatch, which ensures that equipment can be assembled for a modern and efficient bulk cement loading terminal
    • A full range of vacuum equipment in order to maintain a clean environment, offering low maintenance and labor requirements. This is becoming increasingly more important given the implementation of ever-more stringent environmental laws

    IBAU Central Cone Silos
    Central cone silos are able to be designed specifically for the area where they need to be installed. The area may require the silo to be compact and/or environmental considerations or cosmetic requirements may also be required to be adhered to and thus further alter the design of the silo. Harbors and rail sidings may also need to be considered. Silos are built with raised bottoms to create a drive-through facility, removing the need for intermediate transport facilities to feed the packer on bulk loading facilities

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